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Fedual System

Cristina Mata, Arancha Sánchez, Isabel Cebrián, María Herencia

Cristina Mata Lorenzo

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Fedual System

- Invasions of Germanic people and discord with others.

-The economic activity in cities decay.

-The feud was a set of land that the king or noble or ecclesiastical surrendered in exchange for military aid and religious services.

-Renconquista and Cruzadas in the Iberian peninsula.

-the coexistence of three cultures (Christian, Jewish and Arab). SOCIETY Fief and vassalage -Fief is the name that designates the land which the lord gives the vassal in a contract.

-Vassalage is the name of the relationship between lord and vassal. HISTORICAL CONTEXT Feudal System As a result, society is classified into different classes or classes with their respective powers and privileges. This situation leads to the maximum power of the king over the peasants, who were under submission. And finally because of the excessive power of the feudal king suffered a decline that triggered the Industrial Revolution and Capitalism developed by the bourgeoisie. The concept of feudalism begins in middle age because of different battles that affected society in his time. NOBILITY CLERGY FULL STATEMENT KING Emperor Military (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr DECLINE OF FEUDALISM The causes that led it the decline of feudalism are:
Demographic crisis
Crisis in the field
Crisis of the feudal mentality Changes in the social structure:
In the field
in the city The decline of feudalism and the rise os the bourgeoisie favored the consolidation of royal power so feudal lords lost much power and privilege, while the monarchy consolidated it's -There was thirty items but can be summarized in two. Bibliography
jeusal.blogspot.com INTRODUCTION
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