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Television in the 1950s

No description

Edward Valdez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Television in the 1950s

Television of the 1950s In the fifties if you had a television, you would be the neatest kid on the block in 1956 some scientists did a study on how much kids ages 10-16 watched television. The results showed that a average kid watched six hours of television a day which was equal to how long they went to school everyday. One of the popular shows for teenagers was American Bandstand Comedy I Love Lucy The Honeymooners The Families of the Fifties Drama Dragnet The Twilight Zone Superman
Private Everywhere Kids
Howdy Doody Time Lassie Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club aka "The Golden Age of Television Television became the much sought-after medium of telecasting advertisements in the 1950s Television was first used as a medium for advertising the presidential campaign in the year 1952, by Dwight Eisenhower. Later on, all future presidential candidates started to rely on television for advertising as a part of their strategy. Towards the mid-fifties, live performances of reality TV shows were broadcasted for the first time that created a different form of television entertainment. By 1953, 50% of Americans had a tv (25,233,000 homes) By 1957 over 41,000,000 American now have a TV set. First wireless remote control was release in 1955. More popular shows Ed Sullivan Show Gunsmoke Leave it to Beaver
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