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On The Record: How to Cite Evidence

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Courtney Wilkinson

on 23 October 2018

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Transcript of On The Record: How to Cite Evidence

On The Record: How to Cite Evidence
Why is
citing evidence
so important?
Makes arguments stronger
People who can back up an opinion with evidence are taken more seriously
Not citing correctly is plagiarism
What is
Evidence is something that provides proof or leads to a conclusion
We use ACE to answer short response questions.

Using the ACE method will help you provide complete answers.

It is important that you complete each step. Skipping steps will result in incomplete answers.

Put it all
together with ACE!
Using ACE, answer the following questions for homework:
W 7.1
I will be able to cite textual evidence to support my claim.


About Cesar
A. Is "Si Se Puede" a good motto for Cesar Chavez' life?

B. What evidence (supporting details)
from the text support your
Direct Quotes:
MLA Style
Tips for choosing evidence
MUST be from the text
NOT your opinion
IS facts and examples
SUPPORTS your claim
Do Now
When you cite evidence directly from a text, you MUST:
put it in quotations
cite the author in parentheses (after the evidence, but before the period)
"The drop in milk drinking in 2011 and 2012 was the biggest in more than 10 years" (Star Tribune).
Example of a Correct MLA Citation
Begin quote
End quote
(after the quote)
Period after the citation
Evidence can be found in the details in a text.
Next Step:
Putting Evidence into a Sentence
When we cite evidence, it is important to make it a complete sentence.
Do not just leave your evidence floating on its own, use a sentence starter to introduce it.
According to the text, "The drop in milk drinking in 2011 and 2012 was the biggest in more than 10 years" (Star Tribune).
Example: How to Introduce Evidence
Sentence Starter
Is K9 Advantix is better than Frontline? What are two pieces of evidence to support that claim?
Checking for Understanding
Check for Understanding
Check for Understanding
1. Why do you think Cesar Chavez thought it was important to defend human rights.

If the central idea of the paragraph is that milk is no longer popular, cite a piece of evidence to support it. Make sure you use MLA format and a sentence starter!
Milk, it seems, has lost its central place at the American table. Recently, the dairy industry even ended its beloved “Got milk?” advertising campaign. The ad campaign featured celebrities with milk mustaches. It became one of the most famous ads in advertising history. New milk ads will promote the health benefits of milk. And even the most devoted milk drinkers — kids — aren’t drinking as much as they once did. Nearly one out of four preteens don't drink any milk on a given day. And just 18 percent of preteens drink milk three times a day. This is down from 31 percent in 1978, according to a report from the Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Use the ACE method to answer this question: What is the central idea of the paragraph?
Milk "is really one of our best sources of vitamin D and calcium,” said Deb Sheats. She is a nutrition professor at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. Both necessary for good health, they often get left out of the American diet. Enter the “plant” milks — soy, almond and so on. They’re not really milk, but they are advertised that way. "Plant" milks have just as much if not more calcium and vitamin D, which are added in the factory. But they are more expensive.
Check for Understanding
Number the ACE steps in chronological order.
____ Cite text evidence that strongly supports
your claim.

____ Explain how the evidence supports your

____ Make a claim by restating the question.
Example: Answering with ACE
In "The Emperor's New Clothes" what character trait is revealed about the emperor through his actions as the story unfolds? Choose one trait and back it up with text evidence.
Taking a Closer Look:
A. What is the best piece of evidence?

B. Where in the video did you find that

C. Did you use the exact words used in the
video or did you paraphrase?
Taking a Closer Look:
A. What is the most relevant (best)

B. Why?

C. Where did you find that evidence
in the text?
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