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Knowing Humans 2

No description

Magdalena Lazarewicz

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Knowing Humans 2

Knowing Humans - Greatest psychological experiments
The nature of evil (PART 2) - line of defence

It wasn't me... It was the situation!
Stanford Prison
BBC Prison Study
A personality style characterized by deference to people in authority, and disdain and hostility towards people who are seen as inferior.
In the BBC Study:

The mean score of participants selected for the study was 2.81.

The mean score of other applicants was 2.93

It wasn't me... I was just following rules and orders!
Milgram's experiment
Jane Elliott's
Brown eyes
Blue eyes experiment (1970)
It's either us or them!
Of one men
Of one man + a group
The Third Wave
- Ron Jones's history class that went out of control
Authoritarianism increased significantly (for both Guards and Prisoners) as the study progressed.
While at the start of the study those who subsequently became New Guards were significantly more authoritarian than the Communards, this was not the case at the study’s end.
Situations overwhelm individuals
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