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Kailey Berandt

No description

Kailey B

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Kailey Berandt

All about Kailey Berandt Kailey Berandt Family Members Amy (mom)
Dan (dad)
Sister (Kaitlyn)
Me School Bothwell Middle School I am good at....
Skiing Three Things I Do Best I am 13 years old
Born December 7th, 1998 I hate being late for an appointment or basketball practice. Pet Peeve Friends And many others! Taylor
Lauren Pets Turtle
Fish Color Teal
Lime green I love sweatpants they are so comfortable Article of Clothing Basketball rocks! Favorite Sport Music Carrie Underwood In my free time I like to... Pastime Hangout with friends Go bowling with friends Go to my camp Go shopping Math Favorite Class X-ray technician Goals Get good grades in college Change something in the world it would be... My knees wouldn't hurt when I play basketball Taylor Miller she is so inspirational A person that changed my life is.... Sleep Never Forget... My wish is to go to Hawaii Biggest Wish The first time I went to Florida Favorite type of candy is... Twix
Kit-Kat This is where I want to live when I am older New York Huge City! Awsome! My favorite NFL Football Team! Packers Thanks For Watching! Taylor Swift Food Nachos 4+4=8 8+8=16 9+9=18 5+5=10 Candy
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