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The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder

No description

Melanie Sawdey

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder Laura was born in Pepin, Wisconsin on February 7, 1886. Laura's parents were Charles and Carolyn Ingalls. She had three sisters named Mary, Carrie, and Grace. The Ingalls family moved to many places, but finally settled in De Smet, South Dakota. The family had difficult times together. Crop failure was a big issue for them. Laura's sister Mary, had headaches, a stroke, and high fever. When a doctor named John Wellcome came, he said that Mary was becoming blind. When Mary became blind, Laura was like Mary's eyes. She described everything she saw and everything that was beautiful. Laura went to school two miles away from home. "I was a regular little tomboy and it was fun to walk the two miles to school." Laura was becoming older, she had more responsibilities to do around the shanty. She missed being the little girl that she used to be. The family wanted Mary to go to a college for the blind. At age fifteen, Laura wanted to become a school teacher. A kind gentlemen came to their shanty and asked Laura to take tests in order for her to become a teacher. Laura passed her tests and became a school teacher. The money that she earned would go to the family's income and for Mary to go to college. Laura's school was a cold, small, and drafty. It was an abandoned shanty. Some of her students were older than her. She maintained the class no matter how old they were. There was enough money to enroll Mary into college. She went to Iowa College for the Blind in Vinton, Iowa. Laura taught for many years. She also worked as a seamstress too. Her school was miles away and she needed a ride to the school and back home. A kind man named Almanzo Wilder offered to give a ride home for a while. During the free time they had, he also gave her rides in the evening too. One evening ride, Almanzo proposed to Laura and Laura couln't refuse. The young couple were married on August 25, 1885. In a brochure, the Wilders read about "The Land of the Big Apple," in Missouri. They packed their bags and traveled to Mansfield, Missouri. Laura gave birth to a daughter named Rose on December 5th, 1886 at age nineteen. The first four years of their marriage were the worst. The crops were bad for the Wilders every year. The crops would be destroyed by hail or locusts. Laura gave another birth to a son, but he died two weeks after his birth. The two year old daughter accidently burned the house down. The Wilders had no hope left. They decided to start over and move to Mansfield, Missouri, raise Rose and start a farm. Around forty-four, Laura began to write for the Missouri Ruralist. Rose was a telephone operator when she was seventeen. Laura was beginning to like writing and she began to write about her childhood. Her first book was about her childhood. Little House in the Big Woods, her first book, came out in 1932. Many children all over the world were buying the books like crazy. They wanted more books about Laura. Laura continued to write about her childhood. She wrote nine books to create the Little House on the Prarie series. Laura sometimes had help from her sisters to remember the details from her childhood. She was about seventy-three and she was becoming famous. Meanwhile at the home, Laura and Almanzo were experiencing new inventions such as television, light bulbs, and farm equipment. When she got letters from children, they would say that her books were better than television. Almanzo was getting sick. He died at age ninety-two in 1949 from a heart attack. Laura was depressed from his death, but she kept looking forward. "The only way to go is ahead." Laura was doing new things that she never done before. For example, at age eighty-seven, she flew on an airplane for the first time. She also bought a Buick to get around town. She was becoming ill and had to be hospitalized a few years later. Rose came to help her. Unfortunetly, Laura did not make it. She died on February 10, 1957, at the age of ninety, three days after her birthday. She said that she had "good health, good family, good living, good times, and good neighbors." Seventeen years after her death, Little House on the Prarie television series became a popular show based on her life. Laura's life was very interesting. She lived through difficult times, but became successful. Her life will be remembered forever from the details in her autobiographies. The family decided to move. They first went to Minnesota, then back to De Smet, and then decided to live in Florida. They only stayed there for a year and then moved back to De Smet.
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