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Japanese Internment Camp

No description

alix (swagalishious) ngo

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of Japanese Internment Camp

japanese internment camp Franklin D. Roosevelt roosevelt was the one who signed the document stating to keep all the japanese in internment camps internment camp was horrible for not just japan but people didnt believe in that they should be helded by their will. the internment camps were just for japanese and many died their too. internment camps were basic camps with guards defending the base and the japanese were shunned for a long time even after the war ended. shortly after the war ended the japanese were still held for one more month just for safty most internment camps were abanded after all the japanese had left 1939 to 1945
WW2 it was on our onw soil and was all over the U.S.A the internment camps were in america just for the japanese
because we were scared of spies the internment camps were their because the americans are scared that they were spies so they kept them their until the war was over. about 120,000 japanese citizens were held captive their were only 10 internment camps and those camps were located in
California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas. even in canada stuff similar to this was happening.
in canada nikkei (or japanese decents) were held captive and nearly
23,000 were held. where did it happen????? well............
california idaho utah arizona wyoming colorado arkansas why, because the americans were scared of japanese spies and didnt want them to go back to japanese and tell their plans california idaho utah arizona wyoming colorado arkansas By: Alix Ngo



http://www.historyonthenet.com/WW2/japan_internment_camps.htm Jerome, AR - Opened October 6, 1942. Closed June 30, 1944. Peak population 8,497
Manzanar, CA - Opened March 21, 1942. Closed November 21, 1945. Peak population 10,046.
Minidoka, ID - Opened August 10, 1942. Closed October 28, 1945. Peak population 9,397
Poston, AZ - Opened May 8, 1942. Closed November 28, 1945. Peak population 17,814
Rohwer, AR - Opened September 18, 1942. Closed November 30, 1945. Peak population 8,475
Topaz, UT - Opened September 11, 1942. Closed October 31, 1945. Peak population 8,130
Tule Lake, CA - Opened May 27, 1942. Closed March 20, 1946. Peak population 18,789

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