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Battle of Sainte Foy

No description

Ian Perez

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Battle of Sainte Foy

Battle of Sainte Foy
April 28, 1760
One of many battles of the Seven years war.
Battle between French and British
Battle led on no longer than 2 hours.
Said to be one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Battle Map
Quebec Canada
James Murray
Great Britain Commander
Commanded a total of 3,886 soldiers.
At the time of the War James Murray recently turned 39 years of age.
Born January 21, 1721
Died June 18, 1794 (73 Year old)

British Decisions
With the disadvantage of having less soldiers, Murray decided to gamble and attack on the offensive. He put all of his 3,800 men on the field and held over 20 cannons to reinforce them. Even though it might seem as if they had a good fighting chance, one sergeant recorded that the british army was a "Poor pitiful handful of half starved scorbutic skeletons."
French Decisions
The French were looking to besiege Quebec and force its surrender in the spring. Fortunately for them they outnumbered the British when it came to soldiers, therefor leading to a
French Victory!
Battle of Sainte Foy took place in the British held town of Quebec in the French province of Canada.
Battle Leaders
Francois Gaston de Levis
French Commander
Commanded a total of 8,000 soldiers.
At the time of the war Chevalier de Levis was 41 years of age, reaching towards 42.
Born August 20, 1719
Died November 26, 1787 (68 Years old)

Even though the french dominated most of the battle they did not get what they came for. The did not regain Quebec due to the French fleet never arriving. The British retreated behind the city walls and withstood Levis feeble siege till the arrival of naval reinforcements in may.
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