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Cherokee Indian Tribe

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Cherokee Indian Tribe

The Cherokee tribe used bows, arrows, and spears used to hunt animals and defend territories.
Acquisition Of Food
They grew corn, squash, sweet potatoes, tobacco, and beans. They stored the crops in a community shed for anyone to use. In the fall they gathered crops, hunted dear, bear, and elk. They trapped fish from streams and picked berries, nuts, and roots from the forest. They made maple sap into sugar.
They performed dances all night long sometimes they pretended to be animals like bears and eagles.
Medicine And Health
Some Cherokee people died because of European sicknesses or diseases. There were also ceremonies for the sick and dying.
European sickness led to death as we said before. The trail of tears was a long journey because the Colonists wanted to get rid of the Cherokee from their land so they had to travel to a different place.
The Cherokee wore animal skins which later turned to cloth when they traded with the Europeans. Men sometimes wore turbans.
Tribal Roles And Government
There were two chiefs in every tribe. There was a women council in a large council house located in the middle of the village. There was also a council for men.
Cherokee Indian Tribe
Tools And Weapons
By: Neha And Sherry
A Cherokee women named Sequoya invented a language for the Cherokee people in 1821.
The Cherokee traded frequently. They traded deer skin and hand woven baskets for guns, cloth, and cooking pots.
Region Of Texas
The Cherokee lived in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and the Coastal Plains of Texas

They traded with other Native American Tribes
The Cherokee lived in round houses made with woven branches covered with mud animal hair grass and clay. The houses were partially sunken in the ground. Later in the years they built log cabins. Both models had no windows for a natural air conditioning. In each village there was 30-60 families.
The Cherokee indians valued education. They also did a special ceremony before hunting or playing a game. Women did a stomp dance in the morning and got prayers from men. They had a green corn ceremony. The Green Corn Ceremony performed when corn started to ripe. In the afternoon the women cooked and had story time and played games.The men did a special sundown dance at sun down and they visited and ate at sundown. The healer put out a new sacred fire which marked the new year
The Cherokee believed that everything in nature had a spirit. They prayed, asking for help from the spirits of nature. There were special ceremonies performed by priests for the spirits of nature. There were also ceremonies for the sick and dying. Music and dance were important in the Cherokee religion.
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