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Mauritania; Yvencleef Abichet

No description

Yvencleef Abichet

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Mauritania; Yvencleef Abichet

Mauritania Mauritania 1. Mar 3-2006 Mar 5, Wooden canoes, carrying West Africans seeking a better life in Europe, foundered off the coast of Mauritania over 3 days leaving at least 45 people dead. 5 fact timeline 2. March 2007 - Presidential elections won by Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi. 3. January 2008 - The 2008 Dakar Rally is cancelled following the murder of four French tourists in Mauritania in December, allegedly by attackers linked to al-Qaeda. 4. February 2008 - Gunmen fire at the Israeli embassy in the capital, Nouakchott. Seven people detained over attack released for lack of evidence. 5. August 2008 - The military overthrows President Abdallahi - the country's first democratically elected leader - and forms a state council to rule the country. mauritania Monuments There are plenty of Museums in Mauritania. This one is known as the Saudi Mosque Museum and this is known as the famous museum in Africa itself. This is the Senegal River and this is wher they mostly get their fishes from. Since the area in Mauritania is mostly covered in desserts, they grow their livestock in the dessert also. Carnivals Carnivals Labor Day, New Year's Day, Independence Day and Africa Day are celebrations for Mauritania These are basically the type of music the Mauritanian people have Music Geography & Food Religion Spiced fish and rice with vegetables. National specialties: Mechoui ( roast lamb). Islam is the official religion of Mauritania and their language are are Arabic and French. Money
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