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Stephanie Burgetz - Portfolio

Graphic facilitation and recording, Equesense Consulting

Stephanie Burgetz

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Stephanie Burgetz - Portfolio

June, 2011 Departmental Team Building Retreat This team decided to spend the beginning part of their team building retreat day at Camp Fortune by either Zip-lining or taking a walk in the woods. When they gathered together we asked them to reflect on their experiences, what they learned about each other and how they could translate that in their working relationships back on the job. I created part of this chart (the trees, etc.) as they were beginning to gather, and completed it by capturing their half-hour discussion. Notice the dark lightbulb near the title... we facilitated the first half of the day (including this portion) without hydro which had been knocked out in a thunderstorm the night before. Thank goodness for large windows! Using Appreciative Inquiry to Engage the Learner idea Conference Presentation I am a member of idea (inter-disciplinary educator's association) for educators working in healthcare. In April 2012 we put together a one-day conference entitled "How to keep fired up without burning out". Joanne Daykin and Tim Fleming from Innovation Works generously donated their time to lead us through a hour called Using Appreciative Inquiry to Engage the Learner. I volunteered my time and captured all of the large group sessions (3) that day. Enhancing Team Dynamics October 2012 A colleague and I spent an hour and a half with this Senior Management Team facilitating a team "check-in". Using a model of Highly Effective Teams I created the background of the chart before the session, and then captured their discussions highlighting their team strengths, and areas to focus on in order to strengthen their team functioning. TED Talk Sketch I sketched this TED Talk by Brene Brown both as a way of developing my skills and as a way to remember. I was attracted to the topic. I shared it with a colleague who shared it with another - a psychologist - who is now using it as a therapeutic tool with some of her clients. Please visit my website at http://www.equesense.ca/od eLearning Network Strategic Plan March, 2012 The e-learning network ask me to help them with a structured strategic plan-type discussion . I used an Appreciative Inquiry approach to help them focus on who they are, and what they aspire to be. During the discussion I captured their discoveries on a 4x8' chart - with this basic construct. I then created this more polished version in a smaller format , which was also easier to scan and size. Stephanie Burgetz Graphic Facilitation & Recording Equesense Consulting, Inc Sample Portfolio
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