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Kyoskie Le

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam/Asia


When it became a country
It became a country in 2879 BC

Hoi Ạn was a major international shipping port catering to Chinese,Japanese,

Dutch, and Indian settlers. Five meters from Cua Dai beach with numerous hotels by it.

Major Landmarks
The major ethnic groups in Vietnam is Vietnamese and and Thai.

Major ethnic groups
Capital and Tourist Attractions
The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, a popular tourist attraction is Ha Long Bay which means “Bay of Descending Dragons”

Bordering countries are Laos,China,and Cambodia
Bordering Countries are
The flag represents red on the flag represents the fight for independence. The star means Vietnam unity and the points means the unity of the workers,peasants,soldiers,intellectuals and young people.

One major Geological feature of Vietnam is Nho Que the deepest river canyon in Vietnam.

Geological Feature
Two major influences by bordering countries are china re-establishing diplomatic ties. Another is Cambodia and Vietnam has set up cross trading.

Major Infuences
I would like to go to Vietnam because it has many different things than U.S like there attractions, I would really want to go to Ha long bay (mostly because of its name which is Bay of Descending Dragons) because of its beautiful scenery.

Why I would want to go to Vietnam
What I consider is the best characteristic of Vietnam is the old shipping bay which has turned into a tourist attraction, Hoi Ạn it used to be an old shipping bay. I want to learn the history about the bay and why it isn't a big shipping bay for Vietnam any more.

Best characteristic of Vietnam to me
similarity and Difference
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