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how advertised is constructed

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samuel bristow

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of how advertised is constructed

advertisement is a promotion that endorses a product or service of a company. What I will cover in this presentation is the different techniques that are used in making the adverts. How advertisements are constructed. Persuasive Techniques are used to persuade the consumer with techniques such as Emotional involvement, celebrity to pay for their services or product and it convinces consumers to buy their product.

Style is like the genre of the adverts it could be humorous all the way to realism and dramatic.

Medium is where it is advertised such as radio, which is more of a verbal advert where as TV is more visual and i think that visual advertisement is better.

Content is what is in the adverts like FX, SFX, Music, Props, Narrative, order of information and Verbal. The Techniques Are Persuasive techniques,
Style, Medium and Content Style is made up of dramatic, surreal, realist and humorous
style is the genre of the advert just like the genre of a film.
These are Humorous, Dramatic, Realist and surreal.
Here is an example of Humorous and Surreal. Style There are allot of techniques, these are a few of them, Emotional manipulation, which uses the consumers emotions to attach them to the advert and make them want to use there services such as a charity case for example if they had a relative die of cancer and a charity advertised themselves they will feel they need to donate.

Celebrity Endorsement, Is used to persuade the consumer to buy the product because they see a celebrity using a fragrance or new clothes and feel they have to have it.

Brand identification, Is like when the consumer sees the product being advertised on TV and recognizes the brand as popular or famous and convinces the consumer to buy their product.

Information about product or services, is like just a plain advert that just explains what the product or services they are offering is about and is not such a successful way to advertise they're product Persuasive Techniques Content is what an advert has in them such as VFX, SFX, Order Of information, Narration and music.
The content in an advert could vary weather it is on TV or radio or internet or newspaper. if you are viewing an advert on a newspaper it is probably going to be a still image unless you have a magical unicorn newspaper which would be cool but you cant so unlucky where as if you are viewing an advert on TV or internet it could be a video but then again you can get internet ads that are not videos like the ads that come up on the side which are still images and the most different is radio, it is going to be a verbal advert which could contain music or sound FX where as a newspaper ad will not and most radio adverts will have narration telling you the story whereas there is not many adverts of TV that have narration
Here is an example of newspaper advert Content Its funny because its giant M&M's talking and its surreal because when do you ever see that.

This is an example of Dramatic and realism it is realism because it is about a realistic situation and it is dramatic because its over life or death Without content all ads would be the same now i would think that's kinda boring i don't know about you! Medium There are Five types of medium let me first start by explaining what medium is. Medium is where the product is advertised pretty simple. As i said there a five different types of medium which are Radio, TV, Internet, Print, Cinemas.
TV Is a medium because billions of people tune in to different channels and most will watch adverts, it is shown in the intervals of shows for 3-5 minutes or so. radios very similar but with out the visuals, then you have internet, an example of this for advertising is before a video on YouTube it will show advertisement or along the right side it will show ads on what you are interested in by taking it of you profile on Facebook. Cinema advertisement is smart because if your there early you have nothing better to do than watch adverts it is mainly ads on other films.
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