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Petition Removal Information

No description

Brian Doxtator

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of Petition Removal Information

Petition Removal Information
How Did All This Begin? Why Removal
Removal Law - 1st Step
4.4 Grounds for Removal
(a) failure to attend four (4) regularly scheduled meetings without a written explanation,
(b) failure to attend fifty percent (50% of an entity's regular scheduled meetings within a twelve (12) month period for any reason provided that this subsection shall not apply to the Oneida Business Committee,
(c) intentional mis-use of Tribal funds,
(d) alcohol use while performing official responsibilities or use of illegal drugs at any time,
(e) if he or she no longer meets the qualifications for office,
(f) violating a Tribal law which specifies removal as a penalty, or
(g) felony conviction while in office
Acquire 600 signatures for a petition to be submitted to the Oneida Appeals Commission. A hearing date will be established and the Oneida Appeals Commission will determine if the information is valid to be sent to the General Tribal Council to make the decision to remove.
Continued violations of G.T.C. resolutions 1982 and 1998
Violations of Code of Ethics within Contract Bidding Process
What is The Process?
Must Have Grounds For Removal
Chapter 4 - Removal Law
Kwah On^ ^luwalihutakwas Kayanl^hsla
"Just when they will remove him our kind of laws"
The Removal Petition will focus on 4.4-1(f)
Violating a Tribal law which specifies removal as
a penalty,
People also believe the "Oath of Office" was violated as
well as the G.T.C. approved job descriptions
Which Law was Violated?

Chapter 3
Code of Ethics
"Matters that will be followed
3.3-2 STATES:
“The Code of Ethics shall be as set out below, recognizing that the concept of ethical conduct
encompasses action as well as inaction, and represents an area of self regulation. Provided further,
that it is the policy of government officials to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity,
truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all public activities in order to inspire public confidence and
trust in the governmental officials of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin.”

SO, What are the FACTS?
Fact #1: Chairman Delgado directed the
Tribal Engineering Department to reconsider their scores, and if they did not, the Chairman states, "If the team does not take this responsibility seriously, perhaps the Oneida Business Committee will have to."
SO, What are the FACTS?
Fact #2: Chairman Delgado authorized sensitive strategic information during contract negotiation process
Violates Code of Ethics
Sections 3.3-3 (a) (1) (2) and
3.3-3 (b) (3)
Violates Code of Ethics
Sections 3.3-3 (b) (2) (3) and
3.3-3 (d)
So, What are the FACTS?
Fact #3: Shows Chairman's continual violation of G.T.C. resolution 2-25-82 and G.T.C. directive 1-17-98 whereas chairman Delgado continually directs management positions to act over and above approved program procedures.
Violates Code of Ethics
Section 3.3-3 (a) (1) (2), and
3.3-3 (b) (2)
and 3.3-3 (c) (1)

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