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Career Analysis

No description

Madii Elliott

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Becoming a Dentist By: Madii Elliott Pictures of Dentistry: What are the job responsibilities? Job responsibilities for the average everyday dentist are cleaning peoples teeth, finding cavities, filling cavaties, determine if you have any oral illnesses, and maintaining your overall oral health hygiene. What education is needed for this career?
Step One:In order to become a dentist, the student must first earn a Bachelors degree in the sciences. There is not a definate subject you have to master but many dental schools require that applicants complete courses in areas such as chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. Step Two: You must then attend dental school to enroll in a Doctor of Dental Surgery program. A DDS program takes four years of study to complete. Step Three: You are required to take the National Board Dental Examination which is required to get your state license. Step Four: To get a job as a dentist, he or she must hold a state license. What is the salary range? The salary range for a dentist is $75,900-$160,000. The annual salary average is $103,300. The future outlook for dentists: The future outlook for dentists is said to grown in a positive way. The theory is that the employment of dentists is projected to grow nine percent through 2016. Most of the job openings will result from the need to replace the large number of dentists expected to retire, needing new young dentists to take their place. What colleges offer the major or certification program needed for this career? A big college in Florida that I would like to attend that has a Dentistry Program, is the University of Florida. The Dentistry Program of UF admitted its first students in the fall of 1972. Today the college has become a major leader in advancing dentistry through education, new scientific discoveries, and everyday clinical services. Who are the customers that this career deals with? This career deals with many people. Some examples are that dentists deal with the patients of course, if you're a dentist to children then their parents are also your patients, and also each patients insurance company. How do people in this career work with other businesses? There are many other buisnesses that dentists work with. Some of them are that you have to find another company which you can buy all the tools from, find a company where you buy rubber gloves from, a company where you can buy scrubs from, and usually dentists have a toybox for children to choose from after each visit, so you would also need to buy toys too! What science and math problems most often need to be solved in this career? The answer is pretty obvious for this career, the job has science in itself! To be a dentist you have to know all the teeth in an average persons mouth, the muscles in a mouth and where they are located, and the structure and chemistry of the inside of a mouth. What ethical issues does this career face? There are a few ethical issues you could face as a Dentist. You could very easily lie to your patients and tell them they need some type of procedure just to get money out of them, not operate correctly because you might be upset with that patient or just having a day, or you could charge them more for something than you charge other people just to get more money. I have only named a few ethical issues in this career. Unfortunately there are many crimes, mostly involving money. What type of computer applications are they developing or using on a daily basis? Dentists use a number of technology everyday in their careers. A few examples are, intra-oral cameras, digital X-ray machines, digital scanners, and drills. A majority of dentists now use computers to track business and patient information. Technology has improved the practice of Dentistry tremendously, dentists can now do many more great things with our teeth with all the technology out there. How is math used in this career? Math is used in many different ways. Just a few examples are counting up how much money each visit costs, how much that deducts in the patients account after each visit, and obviously the dentists must know how much teeth the average person has. What type of verbal skills are important? Dentists must have good verbal skills when associating with patients. While you're at the dentist the Doctors talk to you and want to carry on a conversation to make you feel more comfortable. If the dentist does not have good grammar or speaks poorly the patients might consider him/her unprofessional and not want to come back.
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