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Immigrants :)

No description

kim kastrati

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Immigrants :)

Immigration :) The Albanians Came to united states because there was a war.
albanians illegally cross state borders by taxi, ship, or airplanes.
They Came Here For A Better Life And The Education is better for there kids and theres more jobs . Mexico They Come Here For A better Life
There Kids Can become Citizens
They Left Because theres' nothing to do and because of hardships
They Got Here By friends or family also some paid smugglers to bring them whichwere called coyotes.

chinese immigrants who migrated to the united states had no intention of permanent residency in the country.
the chinese came to america in large numbers as individual miners during the 1849.

there are eight million refugees in africa, a 500 percent increase over 1993, and another 15 million people have been displaced within thier countries, usually by war.
the number of unauthorized migrants apprehended and removed from south africa has more than quadrupled.

japanese moved to the U.S mainland.
by 1890, 2038 japanese resided in the united states.
from 1908 to 1924, many japanese women immigrated to the united states, some as "picture brides."

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