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History Report

No description

RÄì Ragas

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of History Report

Philippine Geography cont...

-National Capital Region (NCR)
-Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
-Region I (Ilocos Region)
-Region II (Cagayan Valley)
-Region III (Central Luzon)
-Region IV – A (Calabarzon)
-Region IV – B (Mimaropa)

Philippine Geography cont...
-Region V (Bicol Region)
-Region VI (Western Visayas)
-Region VII (Central Visayas)
-Region VII (Eastern Visayas)
-Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula)
-Region X (Northern Mindanao)
-Region XI (Davao Region)
-Region XII (Soccsksargen)
-Region XIII (Caraga)
-Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)
Chapter 2
The Earth’s Surface Shapes Human Activity
•Natural Resources
-Land, Water, Marine resources, Mineral

-Affects the Philippines government, arts, culture,
tradition and etc…
•Philippine History (Kasaysayan)
- the systematic study of the past

Philippine Geography
Located in Southeastern portion of Asia.

Archipelago of 7,107 islands, islets of almost 300,000 square kilometers.

Luzon – biggest island, Visayas – group of islands and Mindanao – second biggest island.

-10 largest islands: Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Negrosm, Samar, Panay, Mindoro, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol

The Land and the People
•17 regions

•Lost Pacific Continent called Lemuria / Mu
•Land Bridge Theory
•Dr. Fritjof Voss states the results of earthquakes due to tectonic plates underneath.

•Dr. Bailey Willis – theorized that Philippines was of Volcanic origin

•Halili (2004) – stated that the islands in the Philippines are said to be of Volcanic Origin.

Origin of the Philippines
The Seventeen (17) Regions of the Philippines
NCR (National Capital Region
CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region)
Ilocos Region (Region I)
Cagayan Valley (Region II)

Central Luzon (Region III)

MIMARO (Region IV-B)

Bicol Region (Region V)
Western Visayas(Region VI)
Central Visayas(Region VII)
Eastern Visayas(RegionVIII)

Zamboanga Peninsula(Region IX)
Northern Mindanao(Region X)
Davao Region(Region XI)
Caraga (Region XIII)
Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM)

Character Traits of the Filipinos
Values – are those things in life such as customs, usages, traditions and others, which the people regard as necessary and important in their dealings with one another
Character Traits of the Filipinos cont..
Pakikisama – state of being close to another person or other people.

Character Traits of the Filipinos cont..
Utang na loob
– a feeling of obligation repay someone who extended assistance to another

-just as one is very careful not to be subjected to embarrassment or “mapahiya” one must also make it a point not to cause another person’s embarassment

Five Major Groups
with their distinctive characteristics
–from the northern part of Luzon are described as thrifty and prudent, takes life seriously, hesitant and timid.

Central Plains or the Tagalog Belt
– are known for their strict code of ethics, having intense pride, and enjoys the finer things in life since they are exposed to urban life.

Five Major Groups
with their distinctive characteristics
- identified as even-tempered, religious, and love spicy food.

- are happy-go-lucky, spendthrift, adventurous, self-reliant, and have a passion for music.

- are considered as the fiercest lover of freedom, man of honor, best friend, worst enemy, proud of their culture and fought courageously.

Character Traits of the Filipinos

As a guess in Filipino house, the host will offer you even his bed and the best food they have, even if he has to borrow from his neighbors.

Filipinos are Hospitable and peace loving individuals.
Character Traits of the Filipinos
- They pray a lot and go to church to attend mass during
Sunday mornings.

-loyalty being measured in terms of how much you protect him, right or wrong.

Filipinos are close family ties
-a filipino trait of give highest importance to family above all the others
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Sierra Madre – considered as the longest continuous mountain range in Philippines.
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Caraballo Mountain ranges – West area and divide itself
into Cordilleras.
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Mount Apo– is highest mountain in the Philippines found in Mindanao. (exotic fruits, Philippine orchid specie known as Waling-waling and the endangered Philippine Eagle)
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Cagayan River – longest river found in Luzon
Mindanao River – largest river found in
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Origin of the Philippines cont...
Forest on mountain slopes

– diverse plants, animals are found, provide materials for foods, medicine, building shelter and natural habitats for wildlife.

- extends helping hands without expecting any remuneration.
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