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Information System

No description

Candy Lei

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Information System

An Introduction of WeChat
Lei Chi U, Candy BB500442
Lei Cho Ieng, Kitty BB503123
Pun Hio Kei, Vivian SB521790
Cheong In Cheng, Esther SB520612
Wong Chi Chon, Michelle HB510888


Mobile text and voice messaging communication service

Developed by Tencent in China

One of the largest messaging application
Original version of the app was called "

Was invented by Xiaolong Zhang, and named by Ma Huateng, Tencent CEO

Began as a project at Tencent Guangzhou Research and Project center
In April 2012, Weixin was re-branded as WeChat for the international market

In 12 August 2015, WeChat's Monthly Active Users metrics was about 600 million

In 31 December 2015, the active users was 697 million

Can be downloaded and operated through mobile

Can also be operated by personal computer

Free of charge
Operation System
Functions & Features
Functions & Features
Various functions:

Can send voice or text messages to others

Can send photos, videos, contact card and locations to others

Make voice calls

Can save the messages as "favorites"

Can send red packets (real money) to others as gifts
Own QR Code

WeChat has provided our own QR Code

Can add new contact with our own QR Code

Functions & Features
Stickers & Emotions
Users can download emotions from WeChat
Users can also add stickers or emotions through their album
Companies can trade through WeChat by using public accounts

People can subscribe the accounts they like and get the latest information
Free to install
This application is free to install and all the subscriptions are free

Make new friends
Using the "Shake", "People Nearby" or "Drift Bottle" function

"Moments" function
Can share your photos and feelings in "Moments"

Messages can be recalled within two minutes

Available for many people to video call at the same time

Can play the games provided by WeChat
Easy to get your personal information

Many advertisements (from games)

Do not have a "seen" function
Not noticing if others have read about your messages





Video call
"Shake" function
"People Nearby" function
Drift Bottle function
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