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tourism in Tunisia

No description

Amira Rafrafi

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of tourism in Tunisia

Tourism in Tunisia
Tourism is a travel of large activities for business, visiting families and friends or religious purposes . Usually for short duration. Tourism could refer to intentional travel or can be associated with the travel to another place in the same country.
World Tourism Organization defines tourists as “people travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure . (wikipedia)
Tunisia has no natural resourses like petrol gaz etc . So tourism is one of the most important sectors in Tunisia.
It is a major pillar in the Tunisian economy; it’s an important source of income.
Nevertheless no one can deny that after the revolution, Tourism has decreased on account of the lack of security , stability and because of terrorism
_In this presentation we would like to give attention to many serious problems that can menace our tourism as a main source of income . And we are going to share our views of tourism for the future.
Tourism in Tunisia
Thank you for your attention
Security is critical to the Tunisian tourism. Because tourists must feel safe and protected to enjoy their stay in Tunisia.
The tourists that we have interviewed mentioned that their worries are :
- Theft
- Pickpocket
- Terrorism
Many local travel agents told us they largely stopped selling packages to Tunisia because of political instability and the conflict in Libya
As new generations we are concerned with the future of our country. we dream of better Tunisia .Therefore , we would like to share our views and contribute with the following solutions:
*Install surveillance cameras to reduce crimes,theft and robbery..
*Awareness campaigns to make Tunisian Citizens more aware of the importance of tourism.
*we have to fight poverty,humilation and joblessness.
*Set up associations to work on the true teachings of Islam which
are : love,tolerance,peace...

In Tunisia there are many different means of transportation like taxis ,buses ,the tramway.Transport is the cause and the effect of the growth of tourism,aslo it is key element in the tourism industry.However Tunisian transport have many problems such as : the overcrowding in public transport ,the broken windows in the train, no restrooms ,the lack of security,the dirtiness , lack of highways and bridges which lead to traffic jam also the crushed lights in highways leads to a lot of accidents , our means of transport aren't that luxury because we don't use technology so we don't get the benefits from it ,interior regions suffer from very bad unfrastructure
Solutions are :
*to construct new highways similar with the foreign countries
*amelioration of the means of transport by using technology
*stop profiteering tourists
*make our transport more comfortable
*keep the neatness everywhere in the bus, train .....
*anyone who throw garbage in the public transport will be fined

Tunisian food is known by its spicies because it combines Arabic, Miditerranean and French influences .Our Tunisian dishes are mainly cooked with olive oil or harisa which make our food famous and also delicious just like (couscous) so we went out and asked some tourists who mentioned that our food make them feel spicy so they don't totaly dislike it but avoid it .. we did an interview with Americain ones they say that Tunisian food is really great however Tunisian food is unhealthy because it's basically composed of oil and Dough which in turn causes a lot of diseases
others say that our food Contains a lot of sucre so there is no observance for the diabetes , they say that cookes don't pay attention to the hygiene
so here are some solutions :
*using less oil/sucre /dough in meals
*Apply severe control to assure the cleanliness
*Avoid using unhealthy food


We interviewed some tourists and asked them about their views about the accommodation in Tunisia ,some of them said that it's ok no problem with the accommodation but others face some troubles which are:
* The bad reception.
*Many Tunisian people are annoying and bothersome.
*some tourists said that they didn't get their comfort an account of noise, the uncomfortable beds,disgusting food, there's a lot of insects , no air-conditioner ,no tv , no access to the internet , bad decoration,garbage everywhere,there isn't disco or even animation
Solutions :
*Training sessions in communication for the staff .
*make our hotels more comfortable with the healthy food and clean rooms
*good reception by smiling staff.
*building more hotels with a high quality with real 5 star hotel because some tourits said that the Tunisian 5 stars hotel is an American 3 stars hotel

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure the protection of the environment because it is relatad to the growth of tourism . Environment is considered important for our Tunisian tourism on account of the role that it plays in show Tunisia as a beautiful and fascinating country in the world. So environment would be a source of attraction.However today pollution is a real threat to tourism in Tunisia.
We would like to show you some pollution problems in Tunisia:
* People throw garbage everywhere with unconsciousness of the risks and the diseases caused by dirtiness.
*The lack of trees that gives us oxygene and help the environment to develop.
*Dirty beaches , dirty streets which leads to many tourists complaints.
We suggest as solutions :
*Make electronic dustbins in all the corners of every street. Everyone who put rubbish on it gets money as a symbolic act to encourage people to contribute in reviving the environment and tourism in our country
* Planting trees because Tunisia is known by its green spaces .
* Fine for everyone who throw garbage because it's a lack of responsibility.
*Campaigns to make people aware of the environmantel crises.

Guides play crucial role because they are close to tourists and spend much time in helping them. Main problems are:
* Fake guides: people pretending to be guides.
*Most of the guides speak French and this makes difficulty for many tourists.They prefer their native language.
so solutions are :
*Control guides by providing official clear profesional tag names and badges.
*Use as many as posible of different languages.
*show the tourists everything they need to know .

After one month of working hard on this project we have learned that tourism in Tunisia plays very important role in the development of the country . However,there are very serious drawbacks that must be taken into consideration by everyone.
-transport .

Acknowledgement :
We would like to thank the American embassy for offering us this opportunity. And we also thank "Easy Talk" for provinding us with help and advice for one year and a half. In addition, a thank to our teacher and advisor Mr.Montasar who introduced us to the methodology of work.
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