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Biological and Physiological Needs

No description

Tina Davidson

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Biological and Physiological Needs

Esteem Needs
Self- Actualization
This picture is an example of how in school a students esteem needs are being fulfilled. In this picture a student got an A+ on her test and she has a ribbon also to celeberate it. This student looks very proud and happy with her level of achievement on her test. This picture represents a students esteem needs being fulfilled because in this photo it shows the student being very proud of her achievement.
Belonginess and Love Needs
This picture shows students at school that need for long and belonging being fulfilled. This picture is of a group of friends that look happy and supportive of each other. This picture shows that these students needs for relationships is being fulfilled.
Safety Needs
This is a picture is an example of how students safety needs are filled at school. This picture is of a police man patrolling the hallways and making sure that the students are safe. The police officer promotes law and order along with protection for the students.
Biological and Physiological Needs
This picture represents a students basic needs such as food or drink being filled at school . Some schools help provide some basic needs such as food to student who's families cannot afford food by offering free or reduced priced lunches and even some breakfast programs.
This picture represents how a students esteem need is not being fulfilled. In this picture the student is very frustrated and overwhelmed whit the homework or assignment that needed to be completed. Since the student is overwhelmed in this picture and is unable to get to a level of achievement the students need for esteem is not being fulfilled.
This picture represents a students belonging and love needs are not being fulfilled. In this picture a student is being isolated and secluded from a group. This student's need for affection and relationship is not being fulfilled since she is being excluded from a group.
This picture represents a students safety need is not being fulfilled. The student is alone with another student and is being bullied, and looks like it could escalate. This picture represents this student need of safety is not being fulfilled.
This picture is a picture of a families basic needs not being filled. This picture of a family that is living on the street so their basic need of shelter is not being filled.
Maslows's Hierarchy of Needs
This picture is how teams self- actualisation need is being fulfilled at school . In this picture there is a bunch of people holding basketball trophy's and rewards . The trophy's show/ represent how the people on this particular team reached personal growth and fulfillment in this sport.
This is an example of a person's self- actualisation need not being fulfilled. This is a picture of Romney after he lost the presentational election in 2012. In this picture Romeny's fulfillment of being president is not fulfilled therefore his personal growth goal is not achieved and his need of self actualisation is not fulfilled.
By :Tina Davidson
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