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Blackalicious, "On Fire Tonight"

No description

Femi Omoni

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Blackalicious, "On Fire Tonight"

Examining the Portrayal of Women in Hip Hop Videos Using"On Fire Tonight"
by Blackalicious

- How does this video portray Black women?

- How does it fit within the historic depiction of Black women in hip hop videos?
The Images of Black Women
Sapphire * Jezebel * Mammy

New questions
- Are the women in the video stereotypes or unique entities unto themselves?

- What is there to make of Gift of Gab's statement?
Potrayals of women in hip hop: a historical look
Roxanne Shante: the beginning of hip hop feminism?
Queen Latifah took hip hop feminism to a new level
“The nudity just kind of came about,” [Gift of Gab] says. “We wanted to show beautiful Black women and how powerful they are. It’s shown in a graceful way.”
The Source,
Salt n Pepa
Foxy Brown and Lil Kim
Nicki Minaj
Missy Elliot
The New Stereotypes
(Stephens and Phillips)
- The Diva

- The Gold Digger

- The Freak

- The Dyke

- The Gangster Bitch

- The Sister Savior

- The Baby Mama

- The Earth Mother

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