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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area promotion

No description

Research Amsterdam Marketing

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area promotion

Manager Research
Now, what are the benefits to Amsterdam?
Schiphol: +3.1%
Total of hotel bednights in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
till October 2013:
PTA: +12%
Felison Terminal:

Capacities: +9%
1,1 miljard

Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam
hotel bednights international visitors
hotel bednights of international visitors
Boudewijn Bokdam (ABHZ)
14 miljoen
5 miljoen
excl. Amsterdam
Bestedingen buitenlandse bezoekers (excl. Amsterdam)
Visit Amsterdam,
See Holland
Denise Heijmen
Voor de reisindustrie
Thematische insteek (kids, shopping, etc…)
Samenwerking met lokale hotels

Pakketten ontwikkelen

Kan een internationale toerist de weg vinden?

Toeristische bewegwijzering

Amsterdam & Region Day Ticket

Public transport

from 800.000 international visitors to 1.000.000 international visitors
3% growth per year in hotel bednights

New project

Promoting areas where possible
Product development where necessary
There's is the ABHZ project developed for.
2012 / 2013
Focus on: all (2,4 million) inhabitants
Bondi Beach
Euro Disney
Amsterdam has a problem
But... The region has a problem too.
The region <=> Amsterdam
40 km
Amsterdam is getting more attractive
Stimulation of repeat visit to Amsterdam
Increase the capacity
What have we done?
1. Created awareness
Substantiated vision (based on research)
Political decisiveness
Marketing & promotion

VVV services 120.000

Marketing & promotion 80.000

Metropool Amsterdam Club 100.000

Research & advice
ABHZ 300.000
Province Noord-Holland 250.000
Budgets 2013 from municipal clients



Amsterdam Marketing:


International promotion

Marketing activities/press

(National promotion)

Focus 2014
International focus:
- Travel Trade
- Press
- I amsterdam portal
- Consumer activities

Insert A-mag – Metropolitan brochure

Specific activities ABHZ
Mondly themes
January & February: Fashion & design
Maart & April: Flowers & Kingsday
April & May: Cyling & sustainability
June, July, August: Festivals
September: Fotography
October: Dance
November: Museums
December: Festive month

- June-September: many festivals in Metropolitan Amsterdam
- integrated marketing and bundling
- development of campaign image

National focus

2014: more focus on the national visitors of Amsterdam and the Metropolitan Area

3 campaigns:
Festivals, shopping,

- Big part of spendings is spend on shopping
- Link it to fashion & design events

- Sustainable initiatives & green tips and activities

Green Amsterdam

-(re)discover own living environment
-Connection and wide selection of events
-strengthen image of the region and increase involvement and participation

- Series of concerts in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
Concerts in the Park - Metropolitan edition
Green Amsterdam
Metropool Amsterdam Club

2. Inspired visitors of
Amsterdam to visit
the region
3. Supported press
and trade
Safari train
YTD jan-oct
- Reach new targetgroup(s) by good/easy accessibility
- One consistent campaign image
1 hour
40 km
Non-formal cooperation of 37
municipalities and 3 regional
authorities to create an
international competitive region

Work together on housing,
employment, infrastructure…

... and tourism

Positive developments:

Political agreement (nov 2007)
New strategic 4-year marketing plan by ATCB
New state subvention program included tourism
Pro-active administrative body for the region
Pro-active politicians
Previous projects of ATCB together with region

But also:

Lack of confidence in Amsterdam
(municipality/tourist board)

Metropolitan Area has only cooperation
on economical development

Limitation by administrative borders
Effects (targetted)
Amsterdam Metropolitan Area in 2012
50% more visitors outside Amsterdam (city)
Direct turn over: 7,4 billion (€)
64.000 jobs (fte)
Research design in a nutshell

Characterising the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area:
Descriptive, distinctive characters
Characters will be used in marketing and product development
Focus on the International Repeat visitor

worth visiting
basic facilities
5 key factors:

1. Distinctive image & authenticity
2. Availability of attractions for tourists
3. Availability of accommodation
4. Basis amenities
5. Good connectivity

New development for visitor flows
Thank you
Are there any questions?
The Amsterdam Metropolitan Club (MAC) is for partners who invest in the international reputation of the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam in the long term.
The MAC is a network that consist of the government (City of Amsterdam and the municipalities in the Metropolitan Area), industry, educational institutions and cultural icons.
Project evaluation period 2009-2012
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