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Career Shadowing

Morgan Logue

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Photography

Photography 1. What is the purpose of the Company?
To make memories for people and to give
them pictures that will amaze them. 2. Where will your company be in 15 yrs? Thriving and getting bigger or smaller depending on the economy 3. What skills are needed to work for this company? A steady/still hand for pictures and an eye to catch something signifigant in an ordinary object What is the Average Salary and what kind of
education is needed to work there? Depends on what the occastion of the photoshoot is for. What technology is used in your job? A camera, reflector, lights, a computer, computer disc, and computer programs. My Personal Opinions What are some skills needed for this Job? Would you persue a career with this company? What did you like best about this job? What did you dislike about this job? Technology, skills for taking the pictures,
creativity, and having an eye for photos. Probably yes, He is a one man company though. He doesnt have anyone who helps him or runs it with him. The freedom of taking whatever pictures you want. Also the leisure in what days you want to take pictures and set appointments Waiting around for him to go to the next place. For instance, he would be at the barn for like a half an hour, then the girls would have to change and i would have to wait on them to go to the next location. Career Shadowing
By: Morgan Logue Mckeel Photography Same Patience Technology Camera Books need skill learning wake up whenever wake up at 6:00 need supplies for job
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