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Personify Vocabulary

No description

Allison Burriss

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Personify Vocabulary

Step 1: What is personification?

Personification - applying human characteristics to things that aren't human
If this word were a person...
How to Personify Vocabulary Words
If this word were a person,
what type of person would it be?

Male or female?
Old or young?
Nice or mean?
1. What clothes or accessories would he/she
wear that relate to the definition?
2. What job would this person have that
would relate to the definition?
3. What personality traits would this word
have that relate to the definition?
4. What other personified vocabulary
words might this person like or dislike?
Now, it's your turn!
Choose 3 of your new vocab
words, and personify them.
Make sure you include
1) word
2) part of speech
3) definition
4) picture
5) description/explanation
Step 2: Apply personification to a vocabulary word
Once you've decided the word's traits, draw a picture of what the person looks like and add a description of him/her. Make sure you write the word, the part of speech, and the definition.
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