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Synchronized Swimming

No description

Alanna Settimo

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Synchronized Swimming

How it All Started Synchro started in 1907, originally inspired by an Australian. At first synchro was performed only in watershows, but around the 1970s synchro finally made its way into the olympics. Synchronized Swimming Synchro is a combination of dancing and swimming. It has ballet combined with other dancing styles in it. Synchronized swimming has a lot of positions such as ballet leg. Positions are put together to make figures. Every figure has a name like Baracuda Bent Knee or Frontwalkover etc. There are certian rules when you do figure competitions such as having to wear white caps and black baithing suits. Figure scores go towards your team routine score to give you a championship score. Everyone on your team must do figures or your team can't compete. Routines There are certian things you have to have in a routine to get good scores. Such as lifts and figures. Deckwork Deckwork is done before you dive into the water. It is based off the theme of your music. Glam and Glitter! When you perform you have to wear a shiny suit, thick hair gel, and a lot of makeup. Figures Putting gel on kinda sucks because it's a long process. The bad thing is the gel stinks like wet dog! To be able to do well you have to train for over fifteen hours a week. Teirs and age groups In synchro you are put into certian groups depending on your age and athletic ability. I'm considered a teir 5 swimmer, but in the synchro world there is only age groups so I'm put in the 15-16 year old category. Synchro is a very fun but challenging sport. It's either you love it or you hate it! There is team routines, duets and solos in synchro. The more commonly known routine in synchro is team, which requires a minimum of five swimmers and a maximum of ten swimmers on a team. Fin
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