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Australia & The Philipines

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Jack Gaffney

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Australia & The Philipines

Australia & The Philippines
Where is Australia?
This is Australia. It is located to the South of the Philippines. Australia is 25.0000 S, 135.0000 E.
Where are the Philippines?
This is the Philippines. They are located in the southern hemisphere. It is a series of little islands. The Philippines absolute terms are 11.3333 N and 123.0167 E
What is the Philippines economy like?
The economy in the Philippines is the 40th largest in the world. Primary exports include semiconductors and electronic products, transport equipment, garments, copper products, petroleum products, coconut oil, and fruits. The unemployment rate as of about July 2009 is 7.4%
What are the differences in population
This is the difference between Australia and the Philippines. As you can see even though Australia is bigger Philippines has more people
Whats the Australian economy like?
Australia is a fairly wealthy country. The agricultural sector and the mining sector It is the twelfth largest economy in the world, and has an unemployment rate as of May 2012 of 5.1%
What's poverty like in these countries?
The population difference in these two countries has a major difference in the degree of poverty. Australia has so much space but not many people, whereas the Philippines is a lot smaller but has many more people, which is why there would be more poverty
Whats poverty like in Australia and the Philippines?
What continent and what seas Aus is bordered by?
Australia is a part of the Australia continent and the seas bordering Australia are:
West of Australia is the Indian Ocean and to the east is the Pacific Ocean. South of Tasmania and Australia's southern coastline is the Southern Ocean. North of Australia are the Timor and Arafura seas. To the southeast, between Australia and New Zealand, is the Tasman Sea. To the northeast is the Coral Sea.

12.5% of people in Australia are below the poverty line, although the standards are higher in Australia than in the Philippines. In the Philippines 27.9% of people fell below the poverty line, much more than in Australia
What sports are there in the Philippines?
The five major sports in the Philippines are basketball, boxing, billiards, football and volleyball. Baseball and ice skating are also popular.
What are some Australian Sports?
Sport is an important part of the culture in Australia. Early sports that were played included horse racing, cricket, Aussie Rules and Rugby. Professional sports include NRL, Rugby Union, Netball and AFL.
Whats the Capital city of Australia?
The capital city of Australia is Canberra. It is where the parliament of Australia is located. It is in New South Wales-a state in Australia.
Poverty in the Philippines video
What is the Capital city of Philippines?
The capital of the Philippines at the current time is Manila, although there have been other capital cities.
Who are the Precious Jewels?
The Precious Jewels are a foundation dedicated to helping children in poverty who have suffered abuse or other forms of discrimination in the Philippines.
What is the poverty like compared to the rest of the world?
How can we help?
We can help by donating as little as $40 to this great cause! Our school is helping by running a car wash, a go cart derby, a donut day and a free dress day in our school community! And you can help too!
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