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Iroquois Peoples

Learn about the iroquois

Gianmichael V

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Iroquois Peoples

Iroquois Longhouse
The Iroquois people lived in longhouses. One longhouse provided shelter for many people. If the family number grew, the longhouse could be extended and made longer. There were 2 doorways in a longhouse. One at the front and one at the back. Animal skins could be hung in the doorways to keep out the wind and cold. They built sleeping platforms along the inside of the longhouse. The platforms were wall mounted. Platforms for storage were built above the sleeping areas. Belongings could be hung on the rafters, or stored below or above the sleeping platforms.There were many fire pits along the length of the longhouse for cooking, light and heat. There were large openings in the roof above the fire pits that allowed smoke to escape. The openings were specially designed so that the smoke could get out but the rain and snow could not get inside the longhouse. Also there were no windows. Longhouses were narrow and very long. They had arched roofes. These dwellings were usualy around 18 to 76 meters long. So longhouses were over 120 meters. They were arond 6.1 meters long and around 6.1 meters high. Longhoses were devided into many apartments. One apartment could hold 2 families. About 20 families could fit into an average sized longhouse which was about 50 meters. Longhoses were made by tieing wooden planks to arches that were also made out of wood.
The Iroquois were involved in many battles such as: The Battle of Long Sault, The Battle of La Belle-Famille, The Battle of Orskany and The Battle of Lachine massacare. The Iroquois are known as a very powerful nation. The Seneca nation was the most powerful of the 6. They were feared in there many battles and won many of them. The Iroquois people were the first tribe to use guns in their battles. The guns were much more powerful that the bows of the other nations, no matter how well crafted the bow was and how skilled the archer was. The Seneca nation used guns very often in hunting more than the other Iroquois nations. This made them much more accurate in battle because the nations who only practiced using sill targets like trees had no where a near as good accuracy as the nations such as the Seneca nation, which practiced on animals or moving targets such as large rocks that were thrown in the air. when a warrior of any first nation was injured, the wise old men in the villages who would now be known as the medic would use spices to help sword and arrow wounds heal quickly. But when a warrior was injured by a bullet, the wise men or medics did not recognize the wound therefore, not knowing how to treat it. as guns started to become used more often, the wise men or medics found new was to heal bullet wounds that would be less painful. In the present day there are still many battles between nations but we now call them countries. Medics travel in the battle field to provide medical attention quicker than waiting for that person to get brought back to the army base. The Iroquois people however, brought the warriors back to the village or base ( Base= Present Day) and sometimes when the warrior had gotten back to the village, he was already dead or it was too late for the medics to save him/her. By: Gianmichael
The Iroquois or the Iroquoians were one of the First Nations/
Native Americans. They lived by the shores of the St. Lawrence
river, in the present day it is known as Quebec and Ontario
(Canada) and Wisconsin, Oklahoma and North Carolina (USA).
They lived in 6 different nations. Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga,
Cayuga, and Seneca. Later in the early 1700's they added the
sixth nation which was called Tuscarora. Up north of the 6
nations was Lake Ontario, to the west was Lake Erie, to the
east was the Atlantic ocean, and to the south was more land.
The climate of all 6 nations was very similar. They had an average climate that was about 73 degrees fahrenheit in the summer, about 53 degrees fahrenheit in the fall, about 26 degrees fahrenheit in the winter, and about 50 degrees fahrenheit in the spring.
The 6
Interesting Facts
1. The Iroquois called their confederacy Kanonsionni, which means "people of longhouse
2. The boys were not allowed to hunt with the men until they caught an animal of their own
3. The women were more powerful than the men in mostly
every thing
4. Their favorite food of all was corn cakes
5. The Iroquois made many dream catchers
6. They moved land every time the fields stopped producing good crops
7. Iroquois played lacrosse just like we do
8. The Iroquois were one of the 2 main groups of woodland tribes. (The other is the Algonquians)
By: Sebastian
Did you know...
The iroquois mainly ate corn,beans,and squash and only one meal because of there consisted diet. The three foods they mainly ate was called "THE THREE SISTER" and those plants where all grow together. The women grew all the food for example corn stalks,bean vines, and squash to keep the weeds away. The bean vines made the soil moist so the food would come out good and the women preserved all the food in the winter plus smoked and dried all the meat and fish. They also growed tobacco in the small gardens by the men and used it on special cerimoines. The men hunted all the food even the boys. They hunted lots of things like bear,beaver,moose,wlid turkey and lots more which they killed the animals by using arrows and traps. Some of the nations fished to when they caught them they used spears and nets but now we use fishing rods.
Myths and Legends

The Iroquois had many myths and legends. Many were creation storys. One was about earth long ago before any people. The world was cover in water. Earth was a giant floating island suspended by four rawhide ropes representing each sacred direction, north, south, east, and west. The animals lived in home above a rainbow. Needing space the animals sent the Water Beetle to search for more room under the sea. When he came up he brought soil that spread into more land. When someone named Grandfather Buzzard was coming to the land to see, the wind from his wings flapping created all the mountains and valleys. When the earth stiffened, the animals came down from the rainbow. When they got down they noticed it was dark. So they took the sun from behind the rainbow and shined it on the land. But it was too bright and it only covered some of the land. The shamans pushed the sun farther away and it shined the whole world. It was not dark, but not too bright. Later the plants were planted among the world. The creator challenged the plants and animals to stay awake for seven days and seven nights. Only a few managed to, including owls and mountain lions so he rewarded them with the power to see in the dark. Among the plants only cedars, spruces, and pines stayed awake, he rewarded them with the power to not lose their "hair" (leaves) in the winter. That was one of many different creation stories of the Iroquois.
Sleeping Platforms
Present Day
Iroquois days
The Iroquois cloths/dresses were very pretty and unique the way they made them with all the beautiful shells and beeds they used on the cloths and half of the cloths they made were to protect them. Most of there cloths were made out of deerskin or fur and animal hides. It depended on the time of year of what they wore, like in summer they would wear soft dear skin lioncloths so it wouldn't be hot because it would get pretty hot out there. When the weather got pretty chillie they usagely wore animal fur and moccasins to keep them warm. They also wore alot of jewelry like barclets and necklaces made out shells
to stand out.

TO give thanks to the great spirits . The iroquois celabrated many diffrent ceremonies and celebrations every month one of them is the corn harvest which is were every body gets together to do some thing at the beging of harvest. They play lots of games like lacross and lots more but they mostly danced and told stories aroud a fire. They did alot of celebartions because they had thank the spirits for what they have done. For the ceremonies they mostly had them in special long houses and during the ceremonies they used the false faces and medical masks if a man or women thought if they had a evil spirt in them or had a illness
The Iroquois believed in a great spirit, the creator of all things. They also believed in good and evil spirits. Both of these spirits had little spirits to help them. The good spirit was responsible for all of the good things on earth. The evil spirit was the twin and was responsible for all of the bad things on earth. The Iroquois also believed in an afterlife. They believed that there spirit would join the good spirit in a wonderful place, providing that the Iroquois worshiped and honored the Good Spirit, they would live a wonderful afterlife. But there was always bad spirits tiring to stop this from happening. The Iroquois belived in a false face society. Some bad spirits caused desise. Others caused bad behavuoir. The false face society was an Iroquois healing group. The Iroquois false face society knew that they could not kill an evil spirit. Their job was to scare the bad spirits away. They used masks, chants and rattles to scare the evil spirits away.

One bad spirit was the Flying Head. The Iroquois false face society was very familiar with the Flying Head. He lived in the forest and would cause all disease if he could. He was a very bad spirit. If someone had a spooky dream and saw the Flying Head, they would go to the false face society for help. By Gianmichael
Location and Climate
The 6 Nations of the Iroquois all spoke a different languages. They had no written languages, they used symbols. The 6 Nations languages were all very similar, like in the way Spanish, French, and Italian are. All the 6 Nations used Roman orthography, which means a writing system based on the classic Latin alphabet. Also the accents were similar, and they all added symbols to represent sounds which was not in the Latin alphabet. Many people could talk many of the these languages to communicate with other nations at the religious festivals. Today all the amazing languages of the 6 Nations are extinct. You could learn how to speak some words of any of the 6 Nations languages on native-languages.org. For example English: hello, Mohawk: sekoh (SEH-goh).
The 6 nations confederacy called themselves hau de no sau nee which means people of longhouses. Each nation had one government. Together they are the Confederacy of the 6 Iroquois Nations, who comprise the oldest living democracy on earth! But before the Confederacy was a union, they were enemy's! But 2 wise women united them together, creating the first United Nations! If one nation was attacked, all the nations would fight as one. The Iroquois Confederacy protected the American Colonies from invasion for many years. Without the protection during the French and English war, today there would be no United States of America. The government of the 6 Nations influenced the United States government. That is why they are both similar in almost everything.
The iroquois tribes were known for there mask cravigs and they are considerd such a sacred art . One of the other masks that they made were called the false face which was a mask used when they were healing so it would invoke the spirits . They also used them to scare off enimes or used them when they were hunting. When the masks were made they used basswood for the mask and deep metal eyes with long black or white horse hair. Every single mask that they made were suppose to repersent a spirit that the spirits told them to make before they could do any thing to the wood. The iroquois also crafted wampums which were like a belt, they created them with shells and beads. They looked very nice but every one anybody made told a story about a persons family or told a story and wampums were one of the most popular things that they made. They mostly brought them to ceremonies.
By: Sebastian
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