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Rivalry in British Football

No description

Samir Tavil

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Rivalry in British Football

Why did I choose this topic?
What is it?
Why... ?
Rivalry in British Football
Rivalry in British Football
The Manchester Derby
close points of origins and their stadiums
teams want to gain the local dominance
historical events between the clubs
religious reasons
political aspects
derby between Manchester City and Manchester United
shown all over the world
first game took place on November the 12th in 1881
in the following years the level of both teams were too different to be a top duel
millions of dollars made it possible to reach today's status
Samir Tavil
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Scientific Work I
What are you about to hear?
British Fan Culture
Rivalry in British Football

British fan culture

The Manchester Derby

origin in England
reasons were demographic changes in the mid 1890's
affected social life of population and left an hole
the football was a way to stuff that hole
workers entered sport clubs or founded their own clubs
football changed to a sport for the mass of the population

fan identity was formed
Rivalry in British Football
The Manchester Derby
I am interested in football

affinity towards Manchester City
... and Where?
Rivalry in British Football
London: - 9 major football clubs
(Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea)
'Merseyside Derby'
(Liverpool, Everton)
'Old Firm' in Scotland
(Celtic FC, Rangers FC)
The Manchester Derby
(Manchester City, Manchester United)
British Fan Culture
fans use football for letting out emotions
three major accidents between 1985 and 1989
stricter rules to keep football safe
those rules destroy the fan culture
expensive tickets, no standing
government forgets about social impact of fan culture

more and more fans are moving to Pubs
instead of going to the stadium
Manchester United
British Fan Culture
founded in 1878 under the name 'Newton Heath L&Y Railway Football Club'
close to insolvency but was bought up by a brewery owner
name changed to 'Manchester United Football Club'
jersey color was now red and white
Manchester City
British Fan Culture
founded in 1892 under the name 'Ardwick A.F.C.'
also got problems for a lack of money
also were bought by an investor
name changed to 'Manchester City FC'
blue jersey
The Manchester Derby
first encounter in 1881
first game in top division in 1906
in early years matches were unspectacular
since 1947 almost took place every year
50's-70's Manchester City dominated
total of 166 matches
The Manchester Derby
longest Period without a win: 12 years
highest score: 6:1
highest number of visitors: 78.000
most derby goals: 10
Significant Events
The Manchester Derby
12th of December in 1970: broken leg
first derby of the season 1973/74: double red card
return leg of the same season: Dennis Law's goal
season 2009/10: 'best Manchester Derby of all time'
23rd of October in 2011: highest derby defeat
Respect to Joe Hart for protecting that idiot who ran on!! Love the banter between fans but there is a point when it goes too far...calm it!'
It's Almost Over...
not a special derby
long tradition and local dominance
a derby on a high level
differences between then and now
will probably stay on that high level
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