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jasmine jakes

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The F AND AR

The French & American Revolution Both had their own declarations and constitutions written.
Both countries were influenced by the Enlightenment ideas.
Britians treasury was drained so they taxed America and angered the colonists, similar to the French treasury being low, so they declared war on other countries to try to refill the treasury.
Both countries won their revolutions.
Each countries king was the cause of the revolution.(King George III and King Louis XIV)
http://westerncivguides.umwblogs.org/2012/04/16/similarities-between-the-american-and-french-revolutions/ The French Revolution The Similarities Between the French & American Revolution. Pictures of the French Revolution Video About French Revolution Pictures of the American Revolution Sources WWW.google.com
WWW.YouTube.com The early revolutionaries in France were influenced by the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson was the U.S. minister to France at the time and was sympathetic to the causes of the Revolution although he condemned its violence. Jefferson even hosted a meeting of French revolutionary leaders. His support of the Revolution got him into trouble at home.

France had played a deciding role in the American Revolutionary War, (1775-1783) sending its navy and troops to aid the rebelling colonists. During this time there was much contact between the Americans and the French, and revolutionary ideals spread between the groups.

http://www.history.com/topics/french-revolution www.google.com The American Revolution The revolution against the British government in America began in the later half of the eighteenth century. Thirteen colonies that took part in this war of independence, founded the United States of America after achieving victory. The Seven Years War against the British ended in 1781 and America's independence was approved by Britain in 1783. The American Revolution saw a number of social-economic changes in the American society. It is important to note that America's revolt against the British, broke out mainly as a result of the monarchic policies of governance

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