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Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street

No description

christina caporrino

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street

Question #1
Eva feels discouraged because she thinks she does not have anything to write about.
Question #2
They both need to find a way to turn something ordinary into something new and exciting.

Eva likes Mr. Morley. She takes his advice and hopes that he finds a way to have success with his mousse.
Question #3
Dancers and writers both need to stretch. Dancers need to stretch their bodies, while writers need to stretch their words, ideas and imaginations.
Question #4
Eva laughs when she thinks about crumbling the Danish because she thinks something funny and interesting might happen.
Question #5
First, Olivier leaps down from Mr. Sims's arms to chase Baby Joshua's ball.

Next, he gets frightened by all the people in the street.

Then he is startled when he knocks Mr. Morley's coffee off the ledge.

Finally, he climbs up the ginkgo tree.
Question #6
Olivier solved Mr. Morley's problem. The coffee that he accidentally spilled into the mousse turned it into a magnificent mocha mousse.
Question #7
Eva solves her problem by observing the people and events in her neighborhood. While she does this, she uses her imagination to add a little action to make a lively and interesting story.
Question #8
The author wrote this realistic fiction...

A. To teach a lesson on how to make friends in a big city

B. To write a nonfiction account of life on 90th street

C. To entertain with an interesting story
Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street
Comprehension Questions
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