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Elijah Isbell

Jaci Howard

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Alchemist

Alchemists in medieval times were very helpful to society in many ways. Alchemists were the first people to find and sell metals such as
etc. Without Alchemists, today we probably would not have the metals we have today.
Alchemy began in the fifteen hundreds (sixteenth century) and Alchemists started finding elixirs after the dark plague killed 40% of Europe. The plague was so horrific, that even the church pleaded to the Alchemists to find a cure for this disease. Alchemists were so determined to cure the disease that the Alchemists created a guild and became merchants that sell Medicine and elements. (kind of like an Apothecary).
Philosopher's Stone
Alchemists were OBSESSED with gold. They thought that you can make gold out of anything. (Later they realized that you can't make gold, you have to find it.) They spent most of their hours working for the King and Queen trying to make gold. (They did not succeed)
Roger Bacon
No, he is not related to Kevin Bacon at all!
The Philosopher's Stone was a magical stone that granted Immortality to those who laid a finger on it. It also turned everything into it's highest form. For example, it would turn common metals such as Iron into precious metals like Gold and Platinum. You might think of the Philosopher's Stone as the precious stone that Voldemort wants from Harry, but it was actually said to be real! Alchemists wanted to find the Philosopher's stone so they can finally turn something into gold!
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