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Alternative energy

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Transcript of Alternative energy

Alternative Energy Alice, Sam and Nicole Light can be used to create heat or an electric power which is also solar power. When the sun hits a certain material, the suns heat turns it into an electrical power which then we can use for electricity. A solar battery is made up of a collection of solar cells which are connected together to create electricity. Biomass energy collects wood, tree branches, and other wasted plants and gathers them up to bring to a biomass power plant. From there, they burn the tree scraps, the heat is used to boil water and in result the energy in the steam powers the generators to run. Hydroelectric Wind Solar Biomass Hydroelectric energy is generated by a push of falling water. The water is held behind a dam and it creates an artificial lake or reservoir, The push of the water being released from the reservoir through the dam makes the water spin the blades of a giant turbine, the turbine is attached to a generator that creates electricity when the turbines blades spin after that the water goes back to the river. When the wind turns the blades of a wind turbine it spins a turbine inside a generator to create electricity. The electricity is sent through a communication of lines to a power station then goes off to houses, businesses and schools. How does it work
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