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Dialogue is important for these faiths because they connect

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Harry O

on 18 July 2018

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Transcript of Dialogue is important for these faiths because they connect

Personally I have had to explain to my friends and people who are intrested more about my church and faith from time to time. It is something that many people find unique, it is called Celestial as is a mix of all three Abrahamic Faiths. We believe in one god and wear white garments while worshiping. The masses in a celestial church typically takes 5-7 hours, we don’t were shoes and have carpet flooring. We believe in Jesus and God, we use the Holy Trinity, and we make often sacrifices but not with living things, like lambs or goats but with fruit and different foods. The fruit we sacrifice is gathered around the alter in large piles and the food we have is usually served to members of the church after blessing it. Our faith celebrates Christian Holidays and we usually celebrate each one with a service.

We've learnt that the sharing of different faiths creates diversity. The diversity that is created helps spread beliefs and ideas regardingdifferent world problems. It enlightens people to different rules and ways that us as a human race should live our lifes in eyes that everyone can see to be good and just. Popular events such as Hijab day help to share these beliefs as everyone is able to experience what life is like for people who wear hijabs. Hijab day helps people to become familiar with the culture of different women.
The students at the college/university that already were a Hijab were able to positively and effectively communicate with other people and shown them what it means to where a Hijab. Some women featured in the video talk about how they wernt sure how to ask someone about the Hijab becuase they thaught that it might be rude. Hijab day effectivly aloud people to become more familiar with the culture and people that express it daily.
The Middle East faiths bring peace to the world through Dialogue by sharing the beliefs with other religons and faiths. They create diversity throughout the world and express the opinion on different world problems through peaceful manner. The Middle East faiths are able to efficently communicate the opinion on how the human race should be living the lifes in multiple different opinions. World peace is important for these faiths because they connect the beliefs, with other faiths and the world. Spreading world peace throughout the world help complete the mission that the ancestors of the faith had left them. Creating a world that expresses love, compassion, and faith are the main goals of these faiths.
The Abrahamic faiths all share the belief of a God, or Divine being that created the world. Evidence of the beliefs could be found in creation storys such as the one found in the bible, torah, or even the quran. Each of the scriptures talk about the ancestor Abraham and his descendants which connects each of the 3 religons together. The connection to Abraham and his ancestors led the three faiths to be called the Abrahamic Religons. The Middle East faiths morals are also quite the same, as they all have respect for the Gods creation and life on Earth. They share rituals like weddings, confession and being recognized in the community. (confirmation, Bar Mitzvah)

World leaders and religious figures help bring world peace by sharing the diversity between different faiths. As they raise awareness about each faith it helps people to come to terms with how each faiths rules work. Negotiations through peaceful actions and neutral dialogue help bring people together which brings world peace. If world leaders are able to effictly affiliate others and promote different faiths through peaceful manner they can help bring world peace.
People like mother Teresa who promoted peace throughout the world. Can create world peace and set an example for others to affiliate themselves with more cultures. https://www.nytimes.com/1997/09/06/world/mother-teresa-hope-of-the-despairing-dies-at-87.html This article explains about her death and all the wonderous things she did for faith while she was alive. Actions like the article explain show how connecting with your faith and becoming more famiiar with yourself and your spirit can take you far.
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