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Love story

No description

maxine cheng

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Love story

Love story <3 How I met you :) I know in the future there will be more things and obstacle but dont you worry baby im here. i help you as much i can. i wont give up no matter much tears and sadness we both may face. as long i have you nothing really matter. The most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life in the year 2012, July. my prince i'm very bless you to have in my life:) you brought my so many happiness in my life did you know that? or do you even remember when the time we both were doing hw and i putted you make up? our priceless moments I will always love you cos i knew from the start you will be my forever and last lover:) Do you remember this? when you just got off from work and so sick? and i have to take care of u? i will never leave you forever eternity me&him Like you always say : Things happen for a REASON and i believe we both happen together for a reason You are my everything and i would never trade you for anything August 3, 2012 was a moment to remember:)
you came to spend with me at the park and we stood outside talking and enjoying our time that we forgot about what time it was. 9:30 pm was the time you asked me out quickly because i was told to go home:( i was a bit sad but i knew i was going to see you soon:) i came home with a big smile on my face knowing you are mine and im yours. We have spent so many memories together, new years, going to places, being silly and priceless moments. I just cant believe how far we have made it till now. its been 7 months for both us<3 i pray for us to be stronger and hold on tight. no matter what happen just know that i effn love you so much that i cant not let you go. Seriously cant bc i have fallen so deep and cant get up. remember i'll always be here to hold you tight and comfort you. good or bad im here to love you .im so sorry for things i did wrong , mess up, and screw up but thank you for still standing still here with me . you were so adorable hunnie, sleepy so soft asleep. i wouldn't mind taking care of you for the rest of my life It was the 5th july on midnight, we girls called you while you were study for ur exam.
i never thought i would like you so much. we talk and talk until July 14 , you came to visit me with a red 300zx car, spiky hair, and plaid shirt:) Remember, when i confess to you that i liked you so much? and you told me that time will come if we were ment to be? well to be honest i cried when you said that to me :( but i never Gave up on my hopes for you. awh' you look so cute XD wanting to be a solider when you grow up congrates boothang koj yog kuv tus #1 niam nkaug ntsuag You are the best breakdancer conceited ass with his packs 2.14.13 a date that is so cute, babe i never thought you could do so much romantic thing like this you make the best home food his family my Family Pandaboo his babe in my heart, lives this handsome man i cannot imagine how far we have made it till now. It seems like a dream come true. I’m very happy and I would say you have changed me a lot. You brought me so many happiness and something I thought would not happen. Therefore this year, im so lucky and thankful Ito have you in my life. I would say im so deeply mad in love with you and cannot go a day without talking, hearing your voice, and seeing your handsome face. First time we met, I knew it would be so crazy if I dated you cause I cannot imagine life as you know. But I’m glad I took the chance and g0t to know you better. You were someone I cannot resist. I cannot imagine my life without you my boo. I don’t know how can I thank you enough for all you have done. As for your girlfriend now, I will put all my effort to love you and make you smile when your down Ahah. Muah. I fucken miss you so much and youre working and getting out in a bit. Well back to my letter of love. Lol. I cant wait to start my life with you and have babies. Haha. I promise and vow I will never backfire my words cause remember that day when I gave you that ring and put my hand up? Well yup, I vow to love you with all the little things I have and my heart. I just want to be the best thing you ever had and want and been looking for. just keep smiling and be happy. Cause even you have made me cry and made me think so negative there was something that kept my face smiling and my heart beating fast and that was you. You were the answer to my happiness and that smile. People can make me smile but when I see you oh boy’ a big laugh and smile comes from my heart out to you. Tehe so please I beg you don’t think some guys can replace you . cause they cant. You know why? Because you have stolen my heart! AND THAS A BIG CRIIME!!!!!! And I have lost and drop all my games because I want to be that women whose worth your time, a women that will end to be your WIFE.
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