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Men and Women Roles in Athens and Sparta

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Elizabeth Ropchock

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Men and Women Roles in Athens and Sparta

Men and Women Roles in Athens and Sparta
Women in Sparta
Women in Athens
Men in Sparta
Focused all of their beings on the perpetuation of there state
They focused on training for the physical and psychological rigors of warfare and stared to use real weapons at the age of 13
Men in Sparta
Fathers and husbands were constantly away from home training or at war
Men of Sparta focused their lives on the military aspect of Spartan society and stared training at the age of 7
Provide the state with young soldiers to replace their comrades who had fallen in battle
Men in Athens
Had to pay taxes and they had to sometime serve in the military
Only Athen- born men were able to vote and were responsible for voting and serving on the Boule
Men ran the government and spent a great deal of time away from home
They spent their time in fields, overseeing or working the crops, sailing, hunting, in trade or manufacturing
For fun men enjoyed wrestling, horseback riding, and the famous Olympic Games
Women in Sparta
Responsible for all else in Spartan society and were granted an equal sake in success or failure of their state
Expected to dedicate their lives to feed young Spartans and their fathers
To serve the state women needed to be physically fit
Women were also expected to marry a Spartan soldier to bear children for the state
Taught to read and write and were expected to be intelligent and emotionally strong
Men in Athens
In the home, Greek women were normally in charge, their jobs were to run the house, make the clothes, and bear children
Wives and daughters were unable to attend the Olympic games or even watch them

Women in Sparta
Women were only able to do one sport that they would be able to win, chariot racing
Women had VERY limited freedom and had to stay in their homes, but if their husband said they could leave they could
They were unable to choose who to marry so their male relatives would choose for them
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