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No description

Chatcharlai Panyasuksri

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Spotify

Music for everyone
Brand Salience
Current Brand Positioning Strategy
5 participants aged 18-25; all university students
Focus Group
Spotify Positioning
Focal Area for the Survey
Brand Audit
Founded by Swedes Danield Ek and Martin Lolentzon
Now a global music streaming platform
$8.4 billion valuation - more than value of entire US music industry
Brand Imagery
Brand Imagery
Brand Meaning
Brand Response Feeling
Brand Response
Brand Resonance
Brand Resonance
Net Promoter Score
Recommendation 3
Recommendation 1
Recommendation 4

Recommendation 2: Partnerships
Thank You
Positioning: To provide and online and off line music streaming for an entertainment.

Competitors: High competitive with other music streaming.

Target market: Music lover of all aged group.

POP's: Low price music streaming but high quality, Target everyone who love music and cross platform listening.

POD's: Spotify running application, Spotify X Uber and Spotify X Play staytion
Brand Image
Brand Personality
Brand Performance
Brand Performance
1. Low brand Awareness (Slogan)

2. Low brand loyalty and engagement

3. Weak imagery associations

4. Weak performance associations

High brand recognition
Large library of music
Strong word of mouth marketing
Low brand resonance
Feelings attached to the music, not Spotify
Uses large amounts data on mobile
Some musicians have refused to join Spotify
Market lesser known tools to expand customer knowledge.
Offer new music before competitors
High competition in music streaming industry
Potentially increased number popular of musicians not on Spotify
Promote Slogan to increase salience, awareness and resonance
Repetitive advertising of slogan :"Music for Everyone"
Slogan- Improve brand equity
"Music for Everyone" will appear everyone
Advertise on partnerships
Win-win for everyone
"Free 3 months premium for you and your friend" event
use social media to improve awareness of partnerships and brand resonance
-Offer new deals that offer discounts to individuals who use Spotify and their partners.

-Advertise more on the current promotions
Student discount

-Allow more free trials of the premium service
Free Associations
Brand Imagery
"A young, tall, attractive male who is musically capable, with a hipster taste in music, yet still liked by everyone for his friendliness and fun"

n = 19
Brand Element
Brand Position
Brand Positioning

Brand Imagery
Personality comparisons
Music vs favorite artist
Would you be willing to use the Spotify/ Play station integration feature?
Would you be willing to use the Spotify/ Uber integration feature?
X Games partnership
internet.org partnership
Secondary association: Sincerity
Helping disadvantaged communities
Provide internet services for free
Secondary association: Excitement
Largest extreme sports competition
Newer, emerging types of sport
NPS = % Promoters - % Detractors
NPS = 29% - 57%
- 28%

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Brand name: Spotify


Slogan: Music for everyone

URL: www.spotify.com

Issue of Slogan
Full transcript