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issy m

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Refugees

What is the issue?
The issue is the increasing number of refugees who are escaping from environments which are commonly scenes of oppression and violence.
According to the United Nations, a refugee is a person who flees their home country due to a "well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion."
Where is it occurring?
Refugees are fleeing from countries that are currently not a safe or suitable living environment for its inhabitants. Major countries from which people are seeking asylum include:
What is being done about it?
Asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by plane have their claims for protection assessed through the refugee status determination and complementary protection system that applies under the Migration Act. If a person is found to be a refugee, and satisfies health, identity and security requirements, they will be granted a protection visa.
Asylum seekers who arrive by boat (commonly and ignorantly dubbed as ‘the boat people’) are immediately transferred to a detention centre. Those who do not carry a visa often stay in this detention centres for years until they are assessed by the Migration Act and given a protection visa.
However, as of July 2013, no asylum seeker arriving in Australia by boat will be permitted to live in the country. Instead, they will be processed and resettled in Papua New Guinea even if they are found to be genuine refugees.
What can be done about it?
How can we help?
There are various global organisations that are working to educate societies around that world about the issue of refugees and the need to find a solution.
Humane, lawful and beneficial policies towards refugees and asylum seekers
•All asylum seekers to be received on Australian soil and not accommodated in offshore facilities.
• All claims for help to be instigated promptly and completed within the shortest possible timeframes through increasing funding for health, character and security checks.

What does Christianity have to say about Refugees?
Christians are required to meet the needs of those who are extremely marginalised and discriminated against in our communities and the world. As the children of God, our brothers and sisters are located in every country on earth.
Why is it happening?
Refugees have existed since persecution due to race, gender or faith was instigated in societies that possessed a lot of power and desired to build a specific mindset or appearance for the entire population.
Sierra Leone
Occasionally natural disasters are responsible for destroying an area that is lived in, resulting in many people requiring a safe environment to live in until they are able to rebuild their homes.
North Korean
Communist Army
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