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Start Agile

No description

Thomas Springer

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Start Agile

Scrum User Story Map Backlog Management Dashboard Works Fine For Short Iterations With Testable Output
Works Great For Flexible, Stable
Teams Where Scope Varies.
Perfectly Supports Complex, Innovative Projects With Customer Input

Requires Discipline and Technical Excellence
Allows Stepwise Approach, but
Is Not a Cherry-Picking Framework
Scrum Is the Minimum, Which Can be Enhanced By Agile Practices

Summary Scrum Makes
Things Visible,
Which You Might
Not Want To See. But Consider: Requires Engineering Discipline:
Continuous Build
Immediately Fix Broken Builds
Shared Ownership
Team Responsibility Acceptance Criteria:
Setup Center must save the downloaded recipes. The trigger for loading the alternative components is the download event from the station (NewSetupActive).
Step 1: All alternative components for the setup are valid, because the optimizier only allows common ACs.
Valid alternative components defined by recipe: For online setup verification the valid alternative components are defined by the downloaded recipe(s). This means setup verification is successful for alternative components on the correct tracks. Flexibility vs. Fixed Scope.
Who Contributes?
Environment For Discussion and Colaboration Scorecards for
+ Reporting
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