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Day 1: Red Cross Grad Skills Course

No description

Sophie Marshall

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of Day 1: Red Cross Grad Skills Course

Getting a job doing good
Today we hope to give you a leg-up on to the career ladder of humanitarian and social services jobs.

So, where to begin?

Broad Skill Sectors:
Community Planning
Policy Development
Key organisations
Australian Red Cross
Anglicare Australia
Catholic Care
Relationships Australia
The Smith Family

Graduate Skills Course 2016

Thank you!
Humanitarian &
Social Services Roles
Entry-level role
Undergraduate degree: Bachelor or Honours
Internship/volunteer experience in chosen field
Networking, contacts, job applications
Mid-high level role
Undergraduate degree + Masters or higher
Professional Experience
Networking, contacts, job applications
STREAM 1: Technical
fields: logistics, engineering, project management, economics, environmental science, food security and public health
extensive professional experience (8-15 years)
long term rather than entry-level career options

STREAM 2: Advocacy & Policy
community engagement
strategic campaigns
stakeholder engagement
research and communication skills highly valued

STREAM 3: Programs
preparation, planning and execution of policies and strategies
in-country or from a domestic base
require project management skills and knowledge of/experience in a particular area i.e. youth work, education

STREAM 4: Support
business based roles administrative work
human resources
general support
usually requires tertiary level qualifications and office work experience

STREAM 5: Media, marketing & fundraising
managing PR and media releases
coordinating marketing strategy
generate fundraising through campaigns
Media/communications/marketing degrees highly valued
Entry-level: Bachelor’s degree + some experience i.e. volunteer work
Mid-level: Bachelor’s degree + 2-4 years work experience in field
High level: Master’s degree + 6+ years work experience in field
2 years experience: different pathways into getting a job in the humanitarian sector
domestic, summer (3 month duration)
overseas opportunities

domestic-based government roles
2 year length
policy or corporate streams
Young Professionals Programs
2 to 3 year program followed by full time appointment
highly value post-graduate degrees
professional experience required for some, not all
extensive application process annually
Support roles
part time and volunteer work
way to gain entry into an organisation
volunteer opportunities within businesses
value professional skills to provide technical guidance
Graduate Programs
Graduate Programs
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade:

1. Policy Graduate Program
2. Corporate Graduate Program
*other departments discussed in social services section
Young Professionals
Asian Development Bank
United Nations
World Bank: Young Professionals & Junior Professional Associates
Domestic Internships
Overseas Internships
Support roles
Opportunities to go overseas
1. Competitive to get into/ require professional experience
Australian Volunteers for International Development (previously AYAD)
RedR Australia
Australian Volunteers International (in partnership with AVID)
Opportunities to go overseas
2. Student-centred volunteering
AISEC, Global Talent
AISEC Global Citizen
Volunteer opportunities
University programs
e.g. AVI Partnership with Macquarie University, Professional and Community Engagement Initiative (PACE International)
Oxfam International Youth Partnerships
(OIYP) Action Partners
Volunteering & internships
(professional and teaching)
International internship
Opportunities to go overseas
3. Self-organised
Opportunities to go overseas
4. Corporate opportunities to give back to the community
Corporate social responsibility
ABV: Australian Business Volunteers
Medical & Health Care
Disability services
Psychiatric and General Mental Health Care
Income support (Centrelink)
Family & Relationship Counselling
Aged Care
Bachelor of Social Work degree
(4 years study)
TAFE Certifications
Certificate II, III, IV in Mental Health, Youth Work, Disability etc.

Diploma of Community Services & Youth Work

Undergrad degree (2 years with prerequisites completed) followed by Social Work degree (2 years)
Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences/ Development/ Behavioural Sciences/Nursing (3-4 years)
Different pathways into getting a job in the social services sector:
Education level required
Combined degree
TAFE certificates provide roles in drug and alcohol and community support.
TAFE diplomas lead to case and program manager roles and social welfare positions.
University courses give candidates opportunities in mid to high level roles in the government and in organisations.
Advertise through their individual websites and Seek, CareerOne, Young Opportunities & Ethical Jobs
Australian Barnados Recruitment Services advertises roles within the organisation and in other social welfare organisations
Government Graduate Programs
Department of Human Services
Department of Social Services
Department of Education
Department of Health
Useful websites
OIYP Network
United Nations
UN Jobs
World Bank
Ethical Jobs
Young Opportunities
International Sphere
Overlaps with the humanitarian field for work mostly in child/health related services in developing countries i.e. through UNICEF

In developed countries, most opportunities for Australian social service skilled workers exist in Britain and Ireland
Application process
Deadlines vary per role
Field and volunteer work are highly valued
Temporary contracts offered post-graduation
Networking and word of mouth
Permanent roles are competitive
Government departments pool and shortlist candidates
Roles not limited to job titles of "social worker"
Service delivery role
Gain necessary skills
Policy development
Influence how services are delivered
Staff management, project coordination, reporting and financial management
Education and training
Private practice
Counselling, education, training or research
Specialise in a particular field
Requires further training
Career progression opportunities
Politics, union movements and parliament
Good luck and hope to see you tomorrow for
Day 2:
Highlighting your skills & experience!

Guest Speaker
Attorney General's Department
World Bank, Washington D.C.
UNHCR, Budapest & Geneva
One-off roles: Conservation International, US
UNHCR Fundraising Section
Act for Peace Events
Admin support at ACFID
Engineers without Borders
IBM partnership with Australian Volunteers International (AVI)
Break till 11.45 am
Networking: Business Card Bingo
1. Write your name and email address in the centre of your Bingo card
2. Have a chat and find 8 other names and email addresses in the rest of the blank squares
3. Once everyone has returned to their chairs the names you filled in at registration will be pulled out of a hat
4. First person to get 3 names in a row (across, down or diagonally) wins!
5. Everyone now has a page of like-minded contacts to stay in touch with

Lunch Break:
12.45- 1.15 pm
Post-graduate Masters in
Social Work
Speaker # 2: Red Cross Social Services
Break: 3.00-3.15 pm
Speaker # 3: Tim O'Connor, UNICEF
Guest Speaker
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