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Going Green!

No description

Madison Sanderson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Going Green!

Going Green! "Going Green" is the act of wasting less energy, water and waste to help the planet on which we live! Many companies, communities, T.V. shows, etc. have tried to promote "Going Green" such as Disney Channel, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and Coca Cola. A couple ways to save water are:
~If you're running the bath or shower waiting for the water to heat up, put a large bucket under to catch the water. Use this water for plants, pets, cleaning etc.
~Use barrels to capture rain and save it for the next time you have to water your garden or lawn.
~You'll use a lot less water if you only run your laundry or dishwasher with a full load. Running two half loads uses twice as much water.
~Keep some water in the fridge for an instant refreshing ice cold glass of water. No need to run the tap. A couple ways to save energy are:
~Your cell only takes a couple of hours to charge, so don't leave it plugged in overnight.
~Give your computer a good night's rest too, and you'll save money and CO2.
~The screensaver on your computer uses the same amount of power as when it's on and being used. Switch your PC off if you're going to be away for a while.
~Turn your heating down before bedtime saves energy, and once you're tucked in you'll never notice the difference. A couple ways to reduce waste are:
~If you're planning to do some spring cleaning, hold a yard sale or donate old items to a second hand shop. You'll be surprised how valuable your junk is to someone else.
~Mow your lawn when it's dry, and leave the clippings lying on the grass to break down and feed the lawn underneath.
~If you have a water cooler at work, use a glass to fill up instead of using paper or plastic cups from the dispenser.
~Check out some local used clothing stores to find vintage fashions. it's a great way to recycle, cuts out carbon emissions made by making new clothes and it's unique!
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