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Jane Eyre Chapter 17

No description

Daniel Miller

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Jane Eyre Chapter 17

Jane Eyre Chapter 17 Questions
1) Identify the tangibles that Bronte utilizes to show wealth in this chapter.
2) Argue how readers know Mr. Rochester has intimate feelings toward Jane. 1) Things that show wealth in this chapter include the clothing that everyone wears which is made of expensive materials and jewels. The newly polished interior of the house and the fancy carriages.
2) When Jane leaves the drawing rooom, Rochester leaves his guest to follow Jane. He then asks what is wrong with her and why she is depressed and telling her that he wants to see her in the drawing room every night until his guest leaves. His concern for her feelings show that he care of her, and the fact that he followed her. Another person he would not of done this. 3) Is Jane's critical description of Blanche and her family and friends accurate? Why or why not?
4) Describe Jane's feelings for Rochester at this point. 3) Jane thinks that from their appearance they all seem rude and cruel much like Mrs. Reed who belongs to the same social class as these people. I find her accurate by the way the talk negatively of their governess and how Blanche continues to talk about something that Mrs. Dent is ignorant about which Jane says is "not good-natured."
4) Jane has come to the conclusion that she loves him and that he is not of the people in the rooms "kind" but of her. This means that they can relate to each other more and talk on a personal level. 5) Why might Blanche comment that "an ugly women is a blot on the face of creation" be bitter to Jane?
6) How does Rochester react to Jane's presence in the drawing room?
7) What does he do when he slips out? 5) Jane isn't the most attractive women and in a room full of rich, pretty women, this comment was obviously directed towards Jane and also she is always judged on her appearence. For once she wants to be judged on her intelligence, but no one takes the time to see what's beneath the surface.
6) He never acknowledges that she is there until she leaves. He then goes out and follows her.
7) He finds Jane and ask her why she didn't come speak to him in the room and why she is so depressed. He knows she is depressed be cause he says, "a few more words would bring tears to your eyes." Quote: "...rallying my wits, and recollecting my principles, I at once called my sensations to order..."
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