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Discovery of the periodic table

No description

David Gabb

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Discovery of the periodic table

You have been given a selection of elements with a description of some of their properties.

Your task is to order them into groups.

Assemble your periodic table and place the cards on the spaces marked with an X.
Looking at your completed periodic table can you make any suggestions about what properties the elements at A, B, C, D, and E might have?
The Cast
Hennig Brand
Antoine Lavoisier
John Newlands
Dmitri Mendeleev
Learning Outcomes
I can explain how the periodic table is arranged

I can describe the history of the periodic table
First person to discover a new element, Phosphorus, in 1649. He was looking for the Philosopher's Stone
Credited with the discovery of oxygen. First person to state that there were some "elements" that could not be broken down any further
Put the elements into 11 groups based on their physical properties and their increasing mass.
The father of the modern periodic table. Put the elements into groups and in order of mass. Left spaces for undiscovered elements.
Your task:
Write a newspaper article pronouncing the discovery of the periodic table by Dmitri Mendeleev. You must include:
How the periodic is arranged. Elements are increasing size and in groups of similar properties. Use the word group and period and explain what an element is.
Why it is very clever of Mendeleev to have left blank spaces for undiscovered elements. How did he know these gaps should be left blank?
Include detail about the predecessors to Mendeleev's discovery. Lavoisier, Newlands.
Green (Grade E)
Orange (Grade C)
Red (Grade A)
Write a tweet; either about what you have learned today, or what Mendeleev would have said upon his discovery
Literacy Objectives
Can you get quotes in from people involved?

Can you use a range of intereting punctuation?

Are you using lots of interesting adjectives?

Can you structure it well with paragraphs and include introduction, main body and a conclusion?
The man who discovered the periodic table was called________.

He put the elements in order of their ____ and also in groups with similar __________.

An element is a chemical that cannot be ______ down.

In the periodic table the elements are arranged in columns called ______ and rows called _______.
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