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The Skeletal System

Its function is to support, protect, blood cell production, movement, and mineral storage.

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Transcript of The Skeletal System

The Skeletal System the skeletal system's function is to support, protect, help movement ,produce blood cells, and store minerals. Diseases Arthritis
Rickets Arthritis The joints begin to were
Bones rub together
Pain in hands, feet, knees
Treatment Treatment Celebrex
Omega XL Scoliosis Abnormal Curving in the spine
Back Pain
Leads to lung and heart damage Treatment Spinecor Brace
Surgery Rickets Softtening & weakening of Bones in children
Caused by deprivation of vitamin D
Leads to muscal weakness & dental problems Treatments Breast feed you child till 9 months
Eat food with vitamin D
Take vitamin D Working Together The skeletal system protects certain parts
of our bodies and helps support us. The protective part of our skeletal system covers
the internal organs and fragile body tissue. For example
the vertabrae (a.k.a. spine) protects the spinal cord. As for the support, our bones provide our
bodies structure , as well as the structure
for our muscles. Cranium-skullMandible-jaw boneVertebrae- spineRibsSternum-breast boneClavicle- collarboneScapula- shoulder bladeHumorous- top of the armUlna- outside of the armRadius-inside of the arm Carpel’s- wristMetacarpals- palm
Phalanges- fingers and toe
Coxa- hipsFemur-thigh bonesPatella- kneecap
Fibula- thin outer shinboneTarsal- heel
Metatarsals- arch of the foot Major Bones In Our Body HOW YOU CAN KEEP THE SKELETAL SYSTEM HEALTHY:.
-Eat alot of foods high in calcium. 1000 to1200 mg. each day. Bones depend on calcium for strength.
-Foods high in Vitamin D helps the bones absorb calcium more readily. Most types of milk sold today contains Vitamin D.
EXCERCISE! Physical activity promotes strong bones. Especially weight bearing excercises, which help strenghten bones against the effects of gravity.
-Wear helmets & other protective gear when you excercise. Broken bones never heal back quite as strong as they used to be.
-Brush & floss your teeth twice a day! Your teeth are amoungst the most important bones of the skeletal system.
Without the bones of your skeleton, you would be a blob of water-filled tissues. The bones create a framework to which your muscles and organs can connect. Your skeleton also plays a role in protection, especially in your head. The bones of your skull protect your all-important brain. Your ribs protect most of your internal organs from impact as well. FUN FACTS A bone is six times stronger than steel if both are
of the same weight. The size of the smallest bone
is about the size of a grain of rice A human has 7 neck bones
and so does a giraffe, they
are just longer. A person can get a rib removed,
and it can regenerate itself in 3
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