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GATTACA : Ethics Project

No description

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of GATTACA : Ethics Project

GATTACA : Ethics Project
By Aimee Watson

Question 3
GATTACA portrays a worlds where everybody, especially those who are successful have been genetically altered to have perfect DNA. In the movie. If you are not genetically modified you are consider an outcast. The movie is stating that a persons potential has everything to do with DNA.
Question 4
Everyday Vincent puts contacts on to match the eye colour, Scrubs all excess skin and hair off him. He also takes along urine pouches
Question 1
Question 2
Question 2
The negative aspects of the world shown in the movie are : Lack of genetic variation
:Incompetency of DNA test would skyrocket due to alien traits appearing in family bloods.
If I had a child one day I would not even consider choosing the traits as each human being is unique and it wouldn't be exciting wondering how your child's personality will develop and be when they are older, because I'd already know. The child would have no appreciation and would have no idea how to be independent.
The positive aspects of the world shown in the movie are: Much less disease
:More smarter and
productive people
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