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My Freshman Year

No description

Koreejo Kinder

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of My Freshman Year

By: Koreejo Kinder My Freshman Year What I Learned About Myself How I've Grown I've not only grown academically, but also socially. I have made many new, great people that I'm glad to call my friends. Academically, I've learned that I need to challenge myself. In high school, you want to do more than just passing. It looks better on your records if you have over succeeded. Some questions that I'm seeking answers to are: Why do we need electives? What does it mean to letter in a sport? My Academics Many things have gone well academically for me. One example is my classes. There were some classes that I weren't excited to take, but I got more and more into it when I spent more time working on it. Things that I struggled with this year was when I didn't understand something in one of my classes, I would always ask one of my peers instead of my teacher. My classes Foundations of Innovations is a project based class with design challenges. I learned how to take information from a user to create a prototype. For example, we re-designed the library to fit a twenty-first century learner's needs. English Most of my English year, we were taught literature. For example, we learned from the book To Kill a Mockingbird that adults act just like children sometimes. There's no need to judge people on their color of their skin, or their race. Everyone should be treated the exact same. I learned about adult attitudes of class and race in the 1930's. Other Classes Geometry: We learned about proof statements, proving if rectangles were parallelograms, and we leaned about line segments, triangles, and midpoints.

Sports Med: We learned about the anatomy of the foot, ankle, and knee. We learned the techniques about wrapping an ankle.

IPS: We learned about the periodic table, atoms, and protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Spanish: We learned how to count to 100 in Spanish, our colors, and the history of the Spanish language. My Highschool Plan I learned that high school isn't easy, unless you make it. You need to always try your hardest and take your time when your trying to overcome obstacles. I need to improve on my skills of asking the teacher questions when I don't understand. My first class is Geometry with Mr. Shawen. Second period is English with Mrs. Chadwick. My third class is Foundations of Innovations with Mr. Chambers. Fourth period is Beginner's Sports Med with Mr. Mclean. My fifth class is IPS with Mrs. Pride. Lastly, my sixth period is Spanish with Mrs. Kennedy-Gibbens. FOI
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