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Kim Kardashian

No description

Savannah Tunny

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Kim Kardashian

Work Experience
Status Update
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The Magnitude of the Kardashian Empire
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“Girls tell me and my sisters all the time, ‘We love your booties.' Just yesterday a really thin stylist said to me, ‘I wish I had your booty. I don’t have one,’” Khole told Cosmopolitan earlier in March.
Real or Fake?
Demi Lovato Speaks of Kardashian's influence in Positive Body Image
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Keeping Up With Beauty Ideals
The Kardashians

Season 1 premiere: 1.3 million viewers
Season 8 premiere: 3.02 million viewers
DASH Boutique: Calabassas, CA,
Kardashian Kollection: Sears
Kardashian Kids: Baby's R Us
Kardashian Khroma: Ulta
Kardashian Beauty Hair: Ulta
Net Worth: $135 million
Although the Kardashian sisters have created an evident change in body image, its inclusiveness and attainability for all women is uncertain.
Before: The Simple Life, 2003
After: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 2015
"She isn't advocating loving your body and being healthy; she is advocating using easy fixes and unrealistic expectations"- Meditations of a Loquacious nerd

"The Beauty Ideal" pg 188
images set standards for appearance and beauty
Double Standards- female beauty is more significant in women's lives than men
4 points associated with beauty:
changeable notion of beauty
power in society
standards enforced in complex ways
contemporary beauty standards and consumerism
Thanks for the shout out Demi!
There has been speculation on whether or not Kim's "assets" are real or fake, causing controversy regarding the legitimacy of their impact.
Look-a-Likes: Paris vs. Kim
Kim "embodies" a fuller figure, curvy woman
Paris has a slender, thin figure
Kim is Armenian with dark hair and eyes, with more ethnic features
Paris has a more "girl next door" blonde hair and blue eyed appearance
Both are considered "white"
Both very wealthy with more substantial incomes than the average woman
Both have "glam teams" consisting of: elite hair stylists, make-up artists, and fashion stylists
Both wear designer clothing
Both have access to personal trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs, and private physicians
Both are frequently photo shopped
With these advantages, has Kim made beauty standards more attainable to ordinary women?
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Should this photo really be "Breaking the internet"?
Jean Paul Goude: "Jungle Fever" in 1982
Pictured: Grace Jones
Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman:
Do You think the Kardashians have created a postitive or negative impact on beauty ideals?
Have the Kardashian sisters created a change that is inclusive and attainable for all women?
"Ethnicity and Body Consciousness" pg 214
How young women engage with preferred (favorite) female media icons in their everyday lives
How those selections are relevant to body image concerns
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