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How Did the Roman Classical Period Influence the Renaissance

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Taylor Stephen

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of How Did the Roman Classical Period Influence the Renaissance

The Classical Roman Period influenced the Renaissance a great deal. A great deal of artists and scholars came out of the Renaissance and shaped our modern world greatly to this day.
How does Classical Rome tie into this?
Roman art that was left behind from the classical period intrigued many artists and scholars in the time of the Renaissance. They took Roman art and ideas and molded it into something new and great. Take for example the Pantheon. Originally it was built for Roman Gods but now its converted into a Church.
So why did they use Rome for they're influence?
Roman art, architecture, and education were a large part of the culture all across Europe. So of course if you have great structures and art left over why not build more and make great things even greater.
Well, by definition a Renaissance is the time of a cultural rebirth. It has the revival of many things, like art, literature and even education. The main Renaissance that took place was in Europe that took place in transition from medieval times to a more modern world.
What came out of Roman culture to the Reinaissance?
More humanistic ideas for art, and more importantly artichecture and building structures. In which most styles of building are used to this day.
How Did the Roman Classical Period Influence the Renaissance ?
What exactly is the Renaissance?
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