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Annexation of Texas from 1821-1850

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cameron brady

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Annexation of Texas from 1821-1850

Annexation of Texas from 1821-1850
1821-Why did Mexico want to gain independence from Spain
1830- what was the Population like at this time in Mexico?
The Americans began moving into Texas and quickly the American people overpowered the Mexican population. By the battle of the Alamo the population was 50,000 Americans and 3,500 Mexicans.
Enforcing Mexican laws- How did the Americans not follow laws or rules of the county?
The Mexican authorities a started to enforce the laws of the country. One Mexican law that the Americans didn’t follow was one concerning slavery. Mexico abolished slavery in 1810 in the documents of Sentmientos de la Nacion. With this rebellion of the laws of the country there was disputes with Mexican and American relations. Finally the Mexican forces fought back general Santa Ana fought the battle of the Alamo to suppress the use of slaves which lasted 13 days.

February 23 to March 6th 1836- what was the battle of the Alamo?
The battle of the Alamo took place because the Americans that came into Texas had many slaves and in Mexico slavery had been abolished. General Santa Antonio Lopez launched an assault on the Alamo mission near San Antonio. The Mexican forces won this battle with a force of 1500 Mexicans and 100 Americans this war was one sided. This later would inspire Americans to revolt more wholly. This was where the phrase “don’t forget the Alamo” originated.
1848-1850- Was there any additional treaties or compromises
The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. This ended the Mexican American war. With the defeat of its army and the fall of its capital Mexico started to negotiate a treaty. The treaty made the Americans pay 15 million US $ and it gave the US Texas. But not only it gave them all or at least a part of ten states.
The compromise of 1850 took place. Part of this compromise was that the state of Texas would give up one third of the territory for ten million American dollars from the United States government.

April 25th 1846 – How did the Americans revolt against the defeat of the Alamo?
The Mexican American war began because of the controversial Texan boundaries and what happened at the Alamo. Because of this war the Texan southern boundary at the Rio Grande River.
1846 1848 – Where did the Mexican American war take place and why did it happen?
The Mexican American war took place to annex Texas to the United States. This war took place for a year and a half after the American forces took over Texas and a large part of modern day California. The Mexican American war happened because of the loss of the Alamo.
Mexico gained independence from Spain in the year 1821, this was the start of their long journey of disputes over this territory. Mexico wanted independence form Spain because of the Spanish government. This had been a “decade long struggle of 300 years of colonial rule”(History.com). This struggled was what weakened Mexico with the help of Spain this would have been a much larger war.

The acquisition of Texas had both detrimental and exceptional effects to the United States as a whole. The annexation of Texas was a huge boost to the American economy, it helped the US politically and militarily it made the US have a buffer from the rest of Mexico as well as establishing the army. The annexation of Texas also poised some negative effects such as it becoming a slave state which led to the political distraught that America experienced in the near future. This then fueling the conflict between free and slave states leading to the conflict between the two regions, North and South.

At this point America was facing a huge controversial issue, Manifest Destiny. Manifest destiny states that it is an Americans god given right to move westward and expand. With the new lands and territories that were being acquired it raised the issue of if the state should allow slavery or outlaw it. Because of this the northern and southern states were separated into two different beliefs and values. The north and southern states were split by a compromise called the “1850 compromise” this stated that all states that were below the 36, 30 line were deemed slave states and all above this line free states. This caused many disputes, in the case of California it was half above and half below and it was a free state. Annexing Texas was not just a matter of acquiring land it was also a political nightmare.
There were many reasons for the acquisition of Texas from Mexico
Economic reasons for the acquisition of Texas
The economic reasons for the Americans acquiring Texas from the Mexicans was mainly the profits that could be made. By the Americans annexing Texas they would get land that would be greatly profitable in the near future. This separation was so swift because of the distance that was between Texas and the rest of Mexico. This great distance of land and few roads this forced the Texans that made cash crops like cotton trade to ports in the US like New Orleans. Another reason that the Americans wanted Texas was because if they got this land it would be a larger region than what they had acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The last reason that the Americans had to make Texas a state was for the economics of farming and slavery. Texas a Spanish owned area had abolished slavery but this didn’t stop the US citizens from using slaves in this area. If Texas became a state, the idea of slavery would no longer be a controversy with the to the mexican government because it would be an American slave state . With this new land they had acquired it would enable a huge source of land and revenue.
Military reasons for acquiring Texas
Military this was a huge moment for the US. There was military conflict because of the use of slaves by the Americans. In Texas, which was owned by Mexico, slavery had been abolished but this didn’t stop the US citizens from using them. Americans had a huge presence in Mexico with a population of 50,000 Americans and 3,500 Mexicans. It was obvious that this wasn’t a fair Battle. If the Americans acquired this land it would poise a huge advantage for them in oncoming years. If they attained this land it would be the biggest piece of land they had obtained since the Louisiana Purchase. The first conflict that took place was the Alamo this war was lost by the americans. Soon after this conflict the Americans fought back and this was the beginning of the Mexican American war.
Political reasons for acquiring Texas
In president Polk made a campaign promise that was to annex Texas to the US. Some believe that this is what enabled him to win the election. This promised land, opportunity and income for citizens of the US. This promise followed through unlike many of the other campaign promises that are poised by modern day leaders. Because of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo the land was made US and America gave 10 million dollars to Mexico. The political reason for acquiring Texas was that Polk would secure the votes in the election and all of the Texan votes for the future.
Negative political effects of annexing Texas
There were also negative effects that the US faced because of the acquisition of this land. This new land, which included all or part of 10 new states, was very controversial. Many people asked if this new territory was going to be slave or free states. The verdict was that Texas was to be a slave state. Creating this slave state and adding more slave and free states created unbalance between the north and southern states. This unbalance then fueled what ultimately became the civil war.
State Flag

State Animals

Nine-banded Armadillo
Texan Longhorn
James Pinckney Henderson
The 1st Governor of Texas
Rick Perry
Texas, Governor

What presidents came from or were born in Texas?
George Bush, LB Johnson, and Dwight D Eisenhower came from or were born in Texas.
What was Texas greatest moment?
I believe that Texas greatest moment wasn't the annexing of it from the US, The American Mexican war or for that matter the battle of the Alamo. I believe that its greatest moment was when it gained independence from Spain. This is such an empowering moment that all of Mexico encountered. It showed me that the Mexican values don't differ that much from americans they believe in the freedom of religion and the power to have personal beliefs.
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(5) 29th congress, House of Representatives. Doc.No.33. Resolutions of New Hampshire relative to the northern boundary. December 15th 1845. Wednesday January 29th.<http://static.torontopubliclibrary.ca/da/pdfs/37131055446926d.pdf>
I conclusion I believe that the annexation was a positive contribution to the United States in the short term but in the long term it was negative to the development of the US. It was positive in the short term because it gave America an economical miracle. It gave them a total of at least part of or a full 10 states almost all of these were slave states other than California. These slave states created huge revenue for the US and for the amount of money paid the annexation cost the US 10 million dollars this is nothing compared to the amount of land they acquired. The amount of land was more that the Louisiana purchase which cost the States a total of 11.25 million for a smaller area. In terms of the long-term effects of the annexation they are not as admirable. Although the natural resources of this state were good the negative political effects outweigh the positives to the US as a whole. This acquisition enabled America to take advantage of the cattle and Oil in this region it disrupted the balance of free and slave states. After this land was seized the land disputed over slave and free state. The north believed that no states should be able to enter the union as slave states but the south disagreed. The south believed that the states should follow the original 36,30 rule. This would make the states that were produced from the former Texan territory slave states. In the end many of the new states became slave states because of the influence of the south. This disrupted the political unbalance therefore fueling the political disagreement. An outcome of this was the Civil war. I also believe if Texas was not acquired from the Mexicans the civil war would have been postponed but not completely diverted. This civil war could have been diverted with a different strategy of implementing no slavery throughout the US. In conclusion I believe that annexing Texas ended up being positive in the short-term and negative for America as a whole in the long term, the civil war was unavoidable.
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