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The Breadwinner

No description

Alisa Marra

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Breadwinner

Responsibility Requires Actions
by Deborah Ellis
CARI - Content Area Reading Inventory
Responsibility requires Action
Thinking about our reading
Answering Literal and Inferential Questions
Women of Afghanistan
Chapter 1 & 2

Think about:

Examples of characters in the book showing characters' actions or non-actions. Relate examples to our responsibility/morality quotation.

Read Questions First

While you read, be on the look out for answers.

Stop every few pages and "think about your thinking."
post-its, asking questions, making predictions

Types of Questions:

* Inferential
** Critical Thinking
Vocabulary and Think abouts
Track your thoughts and connections while reading.
Listening exercise
The Breadwinner
Responding to Literature: Text Evidence
Two Column Notes
Responsibility is the active side of morality: doing what I should do, doing what I said I would do, doing what is best for everybody; especially doing the one thing I should be doing right now
Text -to Text
Text - to self
Text - to World
Literal: You will find the answer in the text.
Compare to Bloom's level:
Keeping Track of Parvana
Timeline: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/816487
Inferential: You will
not find
answer directly
stated in the
Comparison to Bloom's Levels:
Critical Thinking/ Applications:
Literal Question:
Text-to Text

"Husbands took their
wives' false legs away." (16)
This reminds me of
A Handmaid's Tale
. I wonder if the men in this story will secretly like to oppress the women in their families like that book.

Parvana describes Nooria's attitude towards Parvana's birth. Saying the Soviets couldn't stand to be in a country with ugly Parvana. (13) This reminds me of my relationship with my sisters. I have to keep in mind this is from Parvana's Point of view.

the story of Malali (27,28) reminds me of Malala. They both demonstrate courage and bravery in the face of oppression. Malali stands up for her country and Malala stands up for education for all.
Helpful for text to world connection
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