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Republic Polytechnic Service-Learning

No description

Sandelyn Lua

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Republic Polytechnic Service-Learning

1. Just like CIP in Secondary School

2. Totally different from CIP

3. Similar to CIP but different in some ways
How to CONNECT service and learning?

Let's play a game.
Here's how:
(1) Form teams to start off
(2) Match

cards +


Learning through Giving - Service-Learning in RP
What is
Office of Student and Graduate Affairs
Republic Polytechnic

A teaching and learning approach to develop youths

by engaging them in meaningful service with their communities

through connection between the curriculum and real-world conditions needs.

It sees
community resources
It is a Community Development Model that
meets real community needs
It emphasizes

What else?
Office of Student and
Graduate Affairs
Sympathy vs Empathy
No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is.
~ Irvin Himmel

Let's talk about
“I serve you in order that I may learn from you. You accept my service in order that you may teach me”

~Timothy K Stanton

What happened to Teddy
when the teacher sees him from the point of his weakness?

What happened to Teddy when the teacher sees him from the point of his strengths?

When you see them from their weaknesses -> SYMPATHY
When you see them from their strengths -> EMPATHY

Identify who the learner
is, in the video.

Effective S-L Practices
thank you!
Let's do an activity
I will say a word and you will write down the
first descriptive
word that comes to your mind.
Do not think about what to write.
For example,
I say “Accountant”, you write

Perception Lens
What did the activity reveal?

All of us have our stereotypes.
Stereotypes help the mind to work fastest.
Stereotypes become a problem when they stop us from being open.

Did you get these?
Dining in the Dark
Hair for Hope
Supermarket Run
One Heart
Facebook Page: Service-Learners
Instagram: RPService_Learners
if you like what we do &
what we stand for, like us
on FB & Instagram

Be a passionate citizen, join Service-Learning Club!
Sharing by students involved in S-L Projects

-Kenneth Gwee (SAS, third year student)

-Chong Sher Ney (SAS, second year student)
Let's have a look at S-L projects in RP!
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